Good Day All,

In short, the back story.

Before, I did personal cleansing on a 'as needed' bases.  But for this year, my goal is to be more in sync with the rhythm of the celestial bodies; to have a cleansing routine that corresponds with the moon phase and day; one which isn't so sporadic - I try not to be stuck in this rigid guideline according to planetary alignments, however it just seems like that's the way I roll. :P

My original thought for a cleansing routine is to be held during a waning moon on Saturdays.  As both times are good for banishing.  That's my line of thinking.  Anyways Saturdays I feel is the best, where I can really devout the slotted time and be focused.

Then the issue of doubt arises when I check my resources/correspondences and some state that personal cleansing should be done on a Full Moon or New Moon.  Now my mind is on information overload with too many choices.  Even though my instincts tell me that I might want to stick to my original line of thought. However, I still want to throw the question out there, to see how others are routinely doing this and the reasoning behind it.

I appreciate any feedback.  It would help narrow down the options, in order to tailor a functional and sensible routine; one in which it's easy for me to remember and follow.

Thanks so much!

Many Blessings .....

- Flammeous

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It is my experience that routine cleansings can go either way. If they are done too often, you may become lax in your intention, and if you are too few, you may miss the chance to prevent an issue before it comes on. 

For myself, I would choose whatever fits best and most consistently. Your intention and attention SHOULD make up the difference between cleansing on the waning and the full. If the waning moon schedule simply doesn't work for you, you may rush or be distracted anyway. 

I find for myself, I need to cleanse more than that. The area I live in, the people and presences in my life necessitate additional and regular herbal cleansings.You may find it beneficial to include a daily "tea" , depending on your needs and practice, into your schedule as well. 

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