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if you would like to share your scariest encounter please feel free to do so i figured with it being halloween and all

My scariest encounter was when i was 5 years old we lived next to an old cemetery  i heard a knocking at my window and whatever it was, was the same height as me it said get out of your house i started yelling for my dad he came running into the room by then nothing was there he  put me back to sleep and when he went into the hallway he claimed it was  glowing a neon green color the dog wouldnt leave his bedroom and was hiding under the bed he said real loud whatever you are we are leaving asoon please leave us alone and then it stopped

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I have to say that the scariest thing I've ever encountered was a Hell Hound.  All I saw was its third eye...just glowing there...brilliant colors too.  When I asked the Mentor I had lost contact with about it, that's what she said it was.  I was outside at the time, talking to her on the phone.  The thing scared me just knowing it was there.  All I saw was a Shadow that really didn't have much shape to it and that eye...that beautiful, but scary looking eye.  Needless to say, that's when I learned to put up shields and even managed to connect a one way portal to hell...which managed to keep it at bay.  I had to recharge the shield daily until it could be dealt with by a group of people who were much stronger than I was.  They are nothing to scoff at, nor are they something to take on yourself.  Not unless you've got years of experience and plenty of power to back you up.  I may have dealt with something much worse than that when I was a child.  I have no idea...I can't even remember my dreams, let alone the memories of my childhood.  My mother did say however that I had an unusual interest in the stars themselves as a baby.

I have received a phone call from my dead uncle. He had skizophrenia and bipolar mania in life and had alienated most of us through his paranoia and belligerence during the times of his extreme mental illness. He died in a vehicle collision with a tree at a high rate of speed, and if it weren't for a witness and tire marks showing he over corrected and lost control of the car, they would have ruled the crash a suicide. We had always wondered if it were intentional or not quietly between ourselves in my family because of the initially high rate of speed of the crash anyhow. Long story short, he confirmed it was not I tentional, he sounded like he was speaking through a tunnel, intercepted a phone call I made to my grandpa, and the phone dropped the call shortly after he stated who it was and his intention. My grandfathers phone had no record of the call ever making it to his end of the line. It's not that scary considering it actually gave us peace.

The other phone related spirit phenomena I have experienced happened when I was 16. The morgue called me and told me my phone was making several calls a day to their facility and they not so kindly told me to stop pranking them as they receive many legitimate calls regarding the deceased. I was so freaked out I never tried to delve deeper into the meaning of it, but checked my cell phone record and there was no history of me ever calling them, let alone dozens of times a day. I confirmed their number and the woman I spoke to was the actual coroner and morgue. Still have no idea what it meant, but it scared me pretty bad.

I have quite a bit of spirit activity in my home, none is really scary, or seems monovalent in nature, so it's hard to pick a moment that really scared me. I guess the time something felt like it had dropped on my legs, just after id got into bed, like someone had dropped my cat on my legs from up in the air (not like he had jumped) but he was fast a sleep downstairs, so that was a little freaky. Ive also been held down, that was not pleasant, and im always hearing my name called and no one is home.  

thats crazy has it stopped yet or is it continuing

Oh my, I could go on and on. Things seem to come in spurts, then it will be quite a while then start back up. There was a place on the floor that just appeared (burned) it was like someone had put varnish remover on it and it crackled up, (only this was dry as a bone) my Grandson had just walked out of the room, and a few minutes later it was there. My stairs (that come up to my bedroom) are wooden and one night they all creaked at once, it was deafening it was so loud. TV comes on, radio turns itself down. Just a bunch of crazy here, but im not really afraid of it, I kinda shrug it off most of the time. I don't like having nightmares tho, and I had one just the other night. Oh yea and something growls at my Mom, but she says she don't care, it don't bother her. My little grandson says he's afraid here, because I have Ghosts. But mostly we just ignore it all. (sometimes it can get creepy)  

I generally don't get that easily spooked from spirit.  Or maybe I just haven't experience the worse?  I'm more scared of the living actually.

But there was this one incident that did make me jump.

I was cleaning the kitchen.  Washing my kids hand prints off the walls.  It was near time for my husband to come home, so I didn't think nothing of it when I heard the garage door to the house open and footsteps come walk around to the kitchen.  I was bent over my wash bucket at the time, wringing out my wash rag.  Looking under my eyebrows/peripheral vision, I could see someone standing over me, right in front of my bucket.  I raised up to greet my husband with a smile, expecting it was him, and then for a split second I seen it wasn't my husband after all. I immediately jumped back and screamed.  As soon as I did it was gone.  I got the feeling that I startled him (was a farmer?? wearing overalls, a hat and heavy boots) as much as he did me.  Even stranger is; after this incident, the footsteps that my family & I would normally hear every now and then ceased.  Haven't really heard any footsteps in the house since.  

I now believe it was this particular spirit who was the one walking around or walking through my house.  Still get walk-in's from time to time.  Children mostly, come in and play with my kids toys.  Certain times of the year it's more active. My home and neighborhood is built on farmland, and close to a 'supposedly' moved cemetery.  Neighbor down the street found a headstone in his backyard of a young boy.

Thankfully, still no footsteps.  I never liked that anyway. Flicker the lights.  Play with the toys. Tug my hair.  But please no footsteps or opening doors.  I logically start to think there's an intruder in the house, which is way more scarier to me.  

That and shadow people.  I don't like them either.


- Flammeous

I have plenty of encounters all the time and they don't usually phaze me.

But I had 2 phone calls from a friend over the veil and I'm still freaked out by them 2 years on.

Shadow People are only here to harm, but earthbound spirits can present themselves as shadows to scare you, so unless you're a Medium you would not know. No one knows where they come from or how to get rid of them, so  Flammeous I don't ever want to deal with  Shadow People either.

I recently received a Goddess Doll my friend made, and then made one for myself, and things around here are a little less hectic. Seems calmer.

This is always an interesting topic.  Besides the Hell Hound encounter, I've had other spirits that were not really bad spirits.  There was one spirit that kept haunting my mother, kept showing up in the doorway, just a shadowy figure of a man.  She also experienced small Demon like figures.  Ever since I've placed Black Salt around and put Olive Oil on the walls, she has not had any visits or Demons.

I myself keep seeing what appear to be spirits out of my peripheral vision.  Often times when I look directly at them, they disappear.  I'll see them moving around from time to time.  They never seem to bother anyone though.  They're usually gray or white in color.

One other thing I've had was what my mentor called Spites.  I think that's the correct name.  Not sure if they're still around or not.  They never caused any trouble, I even put up energy fields for them to live in at one point.  They seem to be attracted to those who have certain powers.  So my mentor said.  They often build with crystals and from time to time you can find their left overs just laying around the yard.  Other than that, nothing really serious, except for that Hell Hound.

Oh, I managed to do long distance battle with a Demon once.  With the aid of a few people of course.  They let me Battle it and send it back to Hell to see what I was capable of.  They had all sorts of enchantments and spells around me to protect me from ii.  That was kind of scary because of the type of person it was.

I did manage to get rid of a 'shadow person' that was residing in my daughter's room.  Now whether it really was one or an earthbound spirit concealing him/herself as one, based on the statement that they can't be getting rid of.  I really don't know, but it's gone now. My daughter can vouch.  As she no longer comes flying out of her room in the middle of the night, doing a belly dive into my bed.  It took two consecutive cleansing of the house; top to bottom and the invoking of St. Micheal and Saint Cyprian of Antioch on the 2nd cleansing for it to leave.  Anyways it was a stubborn, negative thing, whatever it was.  It wasn't too happy when it got discovered by me.  I did feel & experience resistance when I began to prep for the cleansing.  The amount of problems I encountered just to get the cleansing started was beyond ridiculous. 

On another note.  I have seen entities while I was at work.  Sometimes, I would see someone walking up to me out of the corner of my eye.  I'm thinking it's a co-worker's about to play a prank on me, by sneaking up and scaring me.  When I go look.  To catch them in the act.  There's no one around.  I've also seen a man walking on the conveyors (I work in a warehouse) out the corner of my eye.  I first think it's maintenance, but again when I look straight on.  No one is there.  I did have a nerve racking encounter while at work.  I was driving a power jack forklift, flying down an aisle full of boxes stacked on skids on both sides, and someone reached their hand out towards me. I immediately stopped and went back to the area I passed, to check on the person, because I thought I nearly took someone's arm off!  My heart was racing, and beating hard in my chest.  Again, no one was there.  I was thinking I came close to nearly injuring someone, that I had to take a 5 minute rest/breather on that one there.  Phew!  Glad I don't work in that building anymore.  It seems to have a lot of activity.  Apparently, I don't do will with encounters at work.  Probably because it's the last place I expect?  ~shrugs~

Love the topic.


- Flammeous

Elia said:

Shadow People are only here to harm, but earthbound spirits can present themselves as shadows to scare you, so unless you're a Medium you would not know. No one knows where they come from or how to get rid of them, so  Flammeous I don't ever want to deal with  Shadow People either.

I recently received a Goddess Doll my friend made, and then made one for myself, and things around here are a little less hectic. Seems calmer.

thats crazy we have an entity at the house were in now he likes to move things around and likes to bother people at random the activity gets worse when you say that spirits dont exist he always shows up in the form of a little kid

My DIL said something was rubbing her leg last night, nothing around, and something yanked at the blanket I had over my legs while watching TV ~ nothing there. I don't feel threatened by them, if ever I do you best believe i'll be cleansing too. Ive heard one drop of tar water in each room will keep entity's out. And another is brick dust.  

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