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I have search through with no luck on finding the symbol at all. It intrigues me, and it bugs me that I can't seem to find it anywhere. I found it on a blog talking about the Celtic/Irish Goddess Brigid, but could find nothing like this related to her at all. It looks like a sheaf of wheat to me, and I tried looking up agricultural and crop symbols to no avail. Anyone here know what the symbol is called and what it means? Thank you.

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I agree with whoever mentioned it being an agricultural symbol,as it brings to mind wheat,rye,etc.

Found nothing in accordance with First Nations symbols, or any I could find. However, I asked in comment on the person's blog as to what the symbol might be, and she mentioned it had come from the DIAS (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies) website. However, she informed me that they no longer have the image on the site anymore, so she wasn't able to tell me anything about it, but it means that it is Celtic in some way in origin.

So basically, I still don't know what it is, but at least I have an origin. XD

Well... I am willing to venture a guess that it has something to do with bards or poetry:

Good Luck!


That is the other site that I had seen the symbol on. Another member had told me it was a Kemetic, demotic hieroglyph that someone used to create the initials of their signature. So, I don't know if the person who's signature it is is the person who runs that website, or if they are unsure of its actual connections and simply used it as a Celtic symbol. But that is another site that has used it for Celtic purposes, it appears.

Just to put in my two cents, it doesn't look Kemetic to me at all. What it actually reminds me of is the symbols that the White Wolf production team made up for their role playing games.

See this image for examples:

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