Hello!  My name is Keith, but I also go by Biarki.  I'm a proud Scot and clansman of Ross who has found himself living in South Central Pennsylvania.  I'm a Norse heathen and reconstructionist of nine years, and I was ordained as a gothi in the October of 2010.  Thank you for having me, and I look forward to meeting all of you!

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Hey Biarki, nice to meet you =) I am also a newbie lol 

Welcome to RP!


- Flammeous

Awesome to meet you, I am also a Heathen, currently administrating an old Heathen group which I have renamed Heathen's Corner I would welcome the company as there are not many Heathen's here :-) 

PS.  Well meet yourself. Or from its Old English origin Wes þu hal or Hal wes þu or Sy þu hal. It is indeed an old greeting.

greetings and welcome to RP

hope you can find what it is you seek here!

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