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Does any body know of any places to move too that are pagan friendly with a healthy pagan community?

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Well Nigel are you wishing to stay in ye old lone star state or were you thinking about a major move?


 If you wish to stay in the great state of Texas I understand that Austin is a pretty open minded city with number of Pagan folk. I have a few musician buddy's that have move to Austin.  A few years back found a warm and friendly Pagan community. (there wives are both neo Wiccan one found a small coven to join.) I have lost touch with them sadly but I know they are still there and happy.

  I'm sure you will get a lot of feed back over the coming weeks on this post being there are folk here from all over this big blue ball we all share and call home.


Washington, DC and Minneapolis, MN have very strong pagan communities. The one place I would suggest to avoid is Salem, MA. Although there's a lot of pagans in there, the drama is way too much to bother with.

But realistically, most places these days have some form of pagan community--it can be a challenge to find it sometimes, but it is there. :)

Thank you.


Western N. Carolina, specifically the Asheville area. It's just beautiful here and a strong Pagan community.

Colorado Springs/ Denver Area

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