I am bringing this piece over from WT for a purpose. I wrote this to more or less slap the fluffies on that group into understanding that there is more available to them, and what do you know, they took it and ran with it. Perhaps we will find use for it here as well.  


As witches, we have many tools in our bags available for use. The usefulness of the tool at hand will be highly dependent on the skill, knowledge and experience of the practitioner. A curse is one such tool that can be highly powerful and effective.


A curse is putting will and intent behind the harm of another. I do not embrace the mamby-pamby interpretation of the pretty, flowery, harmlessly emasculating law of three or of the interpretation of harmlessness that is embraced by those who would bury their heads in the sand and delude themselves to believe that everything is goodness and light.  


The purpose behind writing a curse is to focus will in intent. A visualization, a specific visualization of the harm that you wish to have inflicted is as necessary in a curse as it is in any other type of magic. You should also remember that if you cast a curse, you cannot call it back... make sure that you want to do the harm and that you are willing to own that harm.


If I'm going to create a curse for a specific reason and thus a specific person, it is my intention to do the maximum damage possible in the shortest period of time. If this results in death, so be it. If a person has earned my ire to the point where I find a curse necessary, whether that person lives or dies is of little concern. I have used many curses with differing results, but each and every curse that I have cast has worked.


Like all magic, after putting will and intent behind clear visualization, mundane action may be necessary for the fulfillment of a curse. If I'm willing to put my will and intent behind the harm of another, I am moving my soul towards that end and physical means will very probably come into play for the fulfillment of the curse. Whether this is verbal, written or actual physical confrontation, whether it is contacting police, social services, support enforcement, media or other outlets, I will do whatever is necessary to bring the person I have cursed to ruin.


Curses are a very functional and highly effective means of putting your enemies down for the count. We are magical practitioners and as such we all have enemies. If they find us to be wishy-washy, deluded to believe in harmlessness and goodness and light, unable or unwilling to protect ourselves, we become easy victims. I am not a victim. I will not roll over for anyone who demeans my character, my spirituality or my self-worth.


I ask you then, do you have value and self-worth that is worth standing up and fighting for? If it is worth fighting for, is it not worth using every tool in your bag?


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Sutra said: "...never to curse when overridden with anger."

I too learnt this from experience.

Fortunately I have grown a bit wiser, since that time...
Hey Ari,

I'll understand if you regard this as a total "noob" question, but i was wondering what your thoughts are on someone who has an aversion to using curses. Do you think us unrealistic or without a backbone? I suppose I've never been in a position where I've needed to put a curse on someone, but there is such a cultural stigma against them for my people that even if I deemed it necessary I would likely not do it. Just wanted to know what you think :).
Makoons, it is always a matter of choice and only you can make the choice of what is right for you and your path. I would like to expand a part of the 'idea' behind what a possible curse could entail so that you perhaps could give it another thought. A curse is by definition something that is used against an enemy. It can be a war cry meant to wither the resolve of an enemy.

A curse may also be used in a very enlightening way. I know that to create and use a curse that would make someone reveal who and what they really are, or for those around them to know the truth about them would be a very attractive and useful curse even for someone who is against using curses. It works like a cancer, eroding he facades and barriers erected to hide the individual and make him/her seem something other than what they truthfully are. I speak from recent experience about this usage, Elyria's ex-husband has shown his true colors recently, in some very tasteless ways.

I do not judge people on their path and beliefs. I would never judge based on a choice or tradition, unless the result of that choice is to do harm to me and/or mine. I hope though that I have offered here something that may make your understanding of what a curse can be a little more acceptable.
For those who did not recognize it for what it is, that is a very useful piece of spellcrafting I gave to Makoons as an example.
Thank you Ari, that was very helpful. I can see much more the appeal of a curse if its in that sense, and could see a possibility where I could use it. I'm still not so sure that I would, but my views on it are in a very early developmental stage. I appreciate your response :).


When I look at the way you describe curses, I have to say that anything that would cause me to be so angry at a person can be fixed by using my physical body or voice.

When I define magic, I define it as control. Control is the central tenant to performing any act, whether it is mundane or not. When you use a curse to take control of another person's life, you are taking the way out that minimizes harm to yourself. My pride wouldn't let me do this, nor would my beliefs about magic. I don't think it's wrong (morally), but I do think that cursing is superfluous to a point.

i agree taking all things laying down and acting like karma get all things in balance ha! to stand for oneself is a right of life i do say that make sure its worth it callled for and in a defence and yes never curse in a heated moment it can tend to not work out quite right lol
I am very much in agreement sometimes it is more effective to use and offensive strike instead of continuing to recharge wards and shields.  Furthermore, I work from a point of view where I recognize the existence of both energy and spirits (i've ran into a number of people that only recognize one or the other).  Since I recognize the existence of spirits, I recognize that not all spirits are helpful or beneficial.  Many people say that some spirits are mischevious but they are never malevolent.  I disagree.  History is full of classifications of spirits (which are NOT demonized gods) that are harmful and malevolent, and several curses are also functional against them as well.

Arimesis asked do you have value and self-worth that is worth standing up and fighting for? If it is worth fighting for, is it not worth using every tool in your bag?

Yes, I do.  Yes it is.  Yes I have, many a time, and, if it ever becomes necessary at a time in the future, I will do again, especially if it is to protect those I love.

I don't feel curses are "off-limits", HOWEVER, I do believe most people aren't mature enough to know how and when to use them properly. As a result I never suggest using a curse unless it's someone I know has a good understanding of what they are doing. If that is the case they probably aren't asking for advice anyway. 

This is going to sound really "namby-pamby" but being hateful towards a person makes me feel icky as a result. Letting go of ill feelings towards someone is a healthier route to go in my opinion. Oh yes, I must terribly hippie to want to keep my emotions in check for my overall well-being.

On the moral side of things, everyone is entitled to their own set. I think when we're upset at a person we often imagine something unfortunate happening to them, and some feel that these thoughts are enough to encourage mishaps. If someone is doing a curse so the other person gets a little justice, that's one thing. If, however, the caster of a curse is some rage-filled person that can't deal with their emotions...I'm also entitled to think that person is quite pathetic. If you haven't a care of anyone but yourself, and feel nothing when undeserving people die that you're acquainted with, sounds like mental disorder to me. I tend to steer clear of people who are psychopaths.

Now as someone who hasn't really practiced magic yet ( and may never in the future) I have a few questions of my own. Does preforming curses have negative consequences for the person sending them in your tradition/belief? Does feeling hateful attract unwanted energy to you? Will you end up in a worse position as a result of seething over something? Let's say a person does die whom you dislike, will you not have any guilt for wishing it upon them?What if that person becomes ill, loses a loved one, loses their financial gain...are you sure you won't feel remorseful? Can something *good* happen to the victim of curse? I've always wondered if you encourage misfortune on someone and succeed, if that event might just make them stronger and better in the end. That might get your panties in a bunch, hm?

Well imagine this. As witches, if you are a witch, I believe it to be our duty to now only heal and help those around us and in our community, but also to help, where we can, to protect them. I have no inhibitions to binding those who I believe are evil, i.e. rapists, murderers, animal abusers. Therefore, if the need arises I will curse, bind, banish etc. etc. those who are as described previously. And, knowing that I have no inhibitions to do these things, I will, and have, accept those consequences. As long as I know that what I do stopped someone who was doing harm, and in doing so, saved those whom would otherwise be harmed, I would gladly cast those curses, bind those poppets, and banish those whom I believe to be truly evil. 

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