There are often questions about the Rule of Three. People have many different versions of what it means to them, or how they interpret it. The following, is one of several ways, that over time, I have blended within my life. When recently asked if the Rule of Three, could ""only"" be explained as,""What you put out, comes back to your three fold"", I found the desire to share one of the other takes on it...Perhaps, in offering, it will demonstrate how the journey is uniquely personal...
One of the first rules of thumb that should be learned, is do not throw stones, ye who have lived in a shattered house of glass....If you failed, do not assume those around you will have the same outcome of a situation, just because you failed in your attempt. Your journey was different, and so it shall always be... That alone, is what makes you each unique and loved for the individuals you are.
Second rule of thumb, do not judge unless ye are willing to stand the test of time, for the consequences of opening your mouth in haste, is not something that you can ever take back, nor can it ever be forgotten.
Third and final basic rule of life, unless your opinion was asked for, ye have no business stepping into the journey of another. You are not there to lead them, nor are you there to demonstrate your way is better then theirs. A life is made on the trials and tribulations of growth and change, be some in reverence, others in mirth, and yes, some even in sorrow.
Remember, you walk on a journey for thy own self. Should you choose to ask for, and heed the words of another, that is a choice. However, the words of another are not something that you must heed in order to simplify their life, for in the end, to simplify their life at the cost of one's own, is not living....
Look around and decide what makes your path the journey you want..Seek those that fill your life with their positive energy, who will let you walk with your head held high in pride. Those that fill your life with negative energy, will expect you to hang your head and be shameful.
Remember, You are the notes to that song, that has yet to be sung in all its glory! Whether you walk within the chorus, or stand and sing the solo, you have your own voice...
Blessed Be with Love and Light,
MJ )O(

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