Over the next couple days we will be putting together an "Index," of sorts, which will be maintained by the site moderators. 


As we're all aware, a lot of posts end up getting made and remade over and over, and we need to send out links all the time (Usually through our own bookmarks!)


We are going to try to keep track of interesting posts or blogs, and keep a list of categories here.


Please note, we probably won't add every post -- that will be unwieldy.


But on an ongoing basis, if you see a post that you think would benefit the community and be brought up or looked up often, please let one of the moderators know :)


Note:  While there are many great posts inside of groups, as well, we feel that trying to keep up with this will be impossible.  Also, the groups are already an index of sorts, as is -- They are categorized by interest or topic.


Thank you!!!


The words Wicca, Wica, NeoWicca, DRW, TIW, etc for our site.


Posts of Interest:

 Constructing/Erecting an Altar

The Changing of Seasons from a Non-Wiccan Perspective

Herbs and the culinary, magical and medical uses thereof

Plants are People Too

Stealing Magic

 Witchcraft on a Budget

Blogs of Interest:

Affirmations -- Learning to Like Yourself Again

An Alternative for Meat Eaters

Altars and Shrines

Before You Call Yourself a Witch

Beyond the Wiccan Rede - Other Pagan Ethics

Black and White Magic

Can First Nations Spirituality be Mixed With Other Belief Systems?

Copyright Infringement and the Internet

The Core Beliefs of Wicca

The Degree System in Wicca

The Eightfold Path of Buddhism

Ethics, The Wiccan Rede, and the Law of Three-Fold Retur

Forming a Successful Magical Group

Ground and Center -- The Basics of Magic

Hekate - A Devotee's View

The Hidden People of Iceland

Inaria:  Urbani Shrine Craft and Ars Necromantia Urbani

Initiation Requirements for Covens

Internet Safety

An Introduction to Wiccan Theology

It's Called the Craft of the Wise...Not the Craft of the Nice

The Kubler-Ross Stages of Grief Model for Coven Loss

Magical or Craft Names

Magick and the Story of the Troublesome "K"

Menstrual Blood and Magick

The Myth of the Burning Times

Oathbound: It Isn't One Size Fits All

Observations in Coven Growth

Paganism is About Being Open-minded...

Personal Responsibility

Planetary Hours

Rantings of a Disabled Witch

Rede of the New Seeker

Re-Opening to Serious Seekers....Chicagoland, Illinois, USA

Repurposing Ideas for Reducing Garbage

The Responsibilities a Teacher has to a Student

Rewriting the Charge of the Goddess (Or the God)

A Roadmap of your Craft

Rosicrucian Fellowship

Recommended Reading List

Simple Shielding

So You Want to be a Witch?

Some Thoughts for Those Looking for a Teacher of Wicca

Spirit/Indian Names.  What they are and how do you get one?

Spirit Guides, My Research So Far

Teaching Wicca or Pagan Religions to Minors

Ten Warning Signs for Groups

That Pernicious Sense of Entitlement

Using "Wicca" and "Pagan"

What Makes an Elder?

What is Sacred Space?

Where are the Teachers and Elders?

Why I Dance

Wicca As Ancient Religion - Fact or Fiction?

Witches Vote With Their Feet....So do Druids.

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Oooh, nommity nommity nom. Bookmark'd! :D

I LOVE this idea!

But I think your list is missing this one:




I've missed a lot so far, and will get back to this to add to it asap.  Thanks for the suggestion, it's a good one.

MagickElise said:

I LOVE this idea!

But I think your list is missing this one:




Would you mind adding Spirit Animals v. Totem Animals. Its in my First Nations spirituality group but I can make a blog of it too for easier access. That's the blog I have to refer to the most :)

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