I know a few of you out there are aware of this but I thought I would share it with the masses. There is a contest of sorts for the Top 25 Mom Faith Bloggers, and The top faith blogger is a pagan soccer mom! 




Go and read a few, vote for your favorite!

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Oooh, I aeady did this. I followed facebook likings of Shawn and Strata to one of the blogs (actually, the pagan soccer mom one) and after reading a post there, went to vote.

It's sad that people are getting so worked up about the fact that other beliefs do technically come under the title of "faith". =/


Good idea, posting here. <3 for Jas.

Thanks for posting, Asdea.  I hadn't heard about the contest.  Mrs. B definitely gets my vote.  She's totally awesome and I wish she was my neighbor, ha ha!  It was sad to read her post from today about how the Christians on the site were up in arms spewing hate at her, saying that her faith didn't qualify as faith because it isn't Christian.  She handled it magnificently, however, and in a much more patient and understanding manner than I would be capable of.  Were I in her place, my blog reply would have been more along the lines of:  @$#%^ ^%#$#!!! (*&^%$#! <insert rageface here>

I hope she wins.

I'm going to check out some of the other Pagan Mom blogs.

I voted for her, too! I love her blog and find it very informing, being a witch mother myself with a husband of a different faith. I think she handled the issue quite well, too, and I was glad to see other Pagan mom's on the board for the contest as well. That made me smile to think there wasn't just a few on there, but quite a bit. :) I definitely hope she wins, though, and am doing as Rachel does and checking out the other Pagan Mom blogs. :D


Blessed Be,


I partially agree with you Ante. Yesterday I voted for the pagan mom, today I read a few of the christian ones and I like some of those, so I voted for one of those too.
Antecessus said:
Yeah, I saw this either yesterday or the day before & although I sympathize with the Pagan moms, I just won't vote. It looks like rather than being about who has the best blog, it's turned into a Christians vs. Pagans. I hope I'm wrong.

Thanks for posting this.  There are some really good blogs on there.


Side note about the Pagan Soccer Mom Blog: one woman wrote "Different faith is wrong faith"

(shivers) that's kinda creepy...

This is awesome. I must say I giggled at the juxtaposition of the grinning Pagan Soccer Mom logo right above other gently-smiling bloggers. :P 
I will definitely vote. :D

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