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The woes of five generations.... ""Experience""&""Wisdom""

Two days ago, we laid Gram to rest beside Gramp. The cemetery is one, that is filled with rolling gently hills, and surrounded by trees, that seem to reach into the sky. My Dad is laid a short distance down from both of them. Mom placed one of the roses from Gram's casket, on his grave, so he would know to be waiting for her....My Dad was Gram's youngest, and she had stood at his grave side 11 years earlier.


I stood there watching all of this, reminded myself of what a full life, this wonderful lady had lived. Three children, an abundance of grandchildren, followed by numerous great-grandchildren, and finally two great-great-granddaughters. I had been blessed by being her first grandchild, as well as, the grandmother, to one of her great-great-granddaughters.


Often, we hear the woes of aging, and so many stop and focus on the number associated with the years that pass. Time should be thought of as a blessing, not a curse.

Those that all of a sudden see this light bulb that says,

                                                       """ Yikes, I am old!""".

I have a question for you....Who told you that aging was something not to rejoice in? Who said that you should not be graceful in years that pass, or even, that you needed to be? Who told you that your age was something to hide?


Age never should have become something to be ashamed of, rather it should be something to be proud of..


If the gray hair is something that bothers you, color it, bring yourself up to date, (add a dash of pink or purple) or maybe, just let the silver be your friend...

If the lines that are suddenly appearing around your eyes or mouth, someone terms as wrinkles, remind them that they are the laugh lines from years of knowing how to enjoy the life you have experienced, and you are hoping many more will join them in your future years....

If the youngesters across the street, seem to relish in playing their music loud enough for the neighborhood to hear, crank up your favorite song from high school, and see if they can even figure out that music, use to have a beat and words you could understand ...

Don't sit back and take what society has deemed is appropriate clothing, actions, and behavior for one who has "" gotten old""....

Reach for the jeans, the concert t-shirts, and the dress that some would go,

"Oh my, she is too old to wear something like that!"


Follow the beat of your own drum and be proud of it...


I say to the children of those that are caring for parents, grandparents, and so on.. Care for them when needed, enjoy them always, and be thankful for having them still....

Just remember: If they have moments of forgetfullness, don't we all? If they have moments of just wanting to sit and chill, reflection on our lives never harms us....If they want to pull on their jeans, and go for a slow walk in the leaves that are rustling down the street, let them...

For they have had something you have yet to experience .... For they have had the time to learn to walk to their own drum.... and if getting old bothers you,remember, you still have much to learn from those ahead of you in years

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Your perfect timing has stopped surprising me MJ. I had a mild freak out the week before my birthday last month when I found a new generation of gray hair around my temples. I'm over it really, still this blog was  just what I needed.

Blessings Hun....

Glad to hear the freak out has ended.... So did you smile and start claiming that they came from the kids??? That is always my favorite response, LOL.

That is, until I decide what color I am going to brighten my life with. 

Have to share with you, that the saying "freedom isn't free", applies to many things. Deciding to open your mind to the idea of growing, is a challenge, regardless of age...The kids may shudder at some of your antics, but remember, you were the one who graced this world first, and as such, get to enjoy it! Seriously, stop focusing on the idea of "old", for if you keep what is in your heart young, so shall ye be!!

Much Love, Blessed Be, MJ )O(

The fact that I quit smoking after two decades has definitely been a benefit. I feel a lot less old now that I can climb stairs without being winded. I may have lost the weight in the wrong way when I was ill but I intend to keep it off the right way. I recommend to anyone having a moment like that to get out and do something new, go for a run, or do something you haven't done in years. A change in scenery can be the best way to have a change in perception.

There are a few negatives that arrived along with the 35 candles though. My spouses and the new boyfriend say I am behaving like a 15 year old boy. Poor them.

You deserve a huge hug for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For you definitely just made me laugh till it hurt

xoxoxox  Blessed Be, MJ)O(

Crone and Sage are titles of respect for a reason. Good post MJ. The cycle will bring you together again so let your heart rejoice and find peace in the knowledge that this is just a small piece of eternity.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and your words of wisdom.... Yes, they are indeed titles of respect and for justifiable reasons....She was a wonderful individual and I look forward to one day being together with all those that blessed  my life in ways too numerous too count....((((((((hugs)))))))MJ )O(

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