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We are trying a new discussion about the Wheel of the Year..... We are looking for everyone to share how, and why, they may choose to incorporate the Wheel of the Year..... Please jump in and let us know your own personal views.... We look forward to your sharing....

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I am actually horrid at keeping up with all portions of the wheel. Most of the time I am a few days short or early for a given holiday. But I do incorporate the system readily. I am very much into finding my roots and in my particular case that goes back to the Celts. As they used the wheel of the year it gives me a sense of wholeness that I generally missed out on before establishing my belief system. It provides a connection to the earth in all her seasons if that makes any sense. 

Certainly it provides us with a link to the seasonal changes/cycles of the world. It is a pity though, in a way, that modern technology makes more things accessible, all the time. It makes many things in our lives lose their specialness.


I think one of the major pluses of working within the Wheel of the Year, is it does allow for some workable time table. It is more from the heart, versus a calendar.....Taking the time to recognize the joys found within the various Seasons, is one of the bonuses......It allows for connections to be made, and those connections are personal..... Thank You for Sharing ....  Blessed Be,   MJ )O(


Linking to the seasons, are indeed one of the major influences that build the creations of our world. Your point of modern technology influencing where we currently find ourselves is a truth that is very valid....It is indeed, on of the major factors that influences what we recognize, as special and unique to the journeys each of us must take ... Thank You for Sharing ,   Blessed Be   MJ )O(

As a Traditional Wiccan initiate it does have personal significance to me, however I must say not always by the same face as what appears often in general Neopagan communities. For instanes the names 'Mabon' 'Litha' and 'Ostara' have no relevance to me. On that note even many common names used to reference our four Greater Sabbats aren't originally Wiccan either.

Now Wicca isn't Celtic, but since I'm in an Irish coven some of the Gaelic terms do have significance in our line specifically.  Saying that though, outside of Wicca I'm also a Gaelic Polytheist, where the four fire festivals coinciding with the greater Sabbats are celebrated as well in a different way. The Wheel of the Year as it is commonly known isn't really followed on that path.


The Wheel of the year is definitely a choice to follow....and how one incorporates it, is something that is most definitely one of those things  that as one makes their way along their path, they must decide how it fits into their journey... The relevance , is personal....regardless of the chosen path , it is individually a choice. One of the most important things that all members of the site are asked to do, is to let each have a voice that is not disrespectful of differences... This does not mean agreement is expected, but respect is insisted upon... it is only fair that all should be given the same courtesy one would expect....


I hope I didn't come across as disrespecting any differences as I only meant to elaborate on the topic by adding views from my personal experience and paths. Of course I wouldn't expect another to share the same as mine, especially if coming from another path or tradition.


 Thank you for your clarification......  :)  If I could I would hit a like Button for your response....<3

The Wheel isn't traditional to, nor even a part of, most practices that are not Wicca or don't incorporate Wicca and/or Celtic influences. There are various pagan calendars with completely different and entirely unrelated festivals. :)

Moon Goddess said:

My interpretation is that it's traditionally pagan and is part of the structure of paganism in general..without the Wheel there would be nothing to guide the Xians following the North Star @ Christmastime to the birth of Jesus....we rely on The Wheel to show us the way. Blessed Be.

I didn't offer any offense, I'd hoped the smiley would have conveyed my "tone". I simply stated a fact, not an opinion about your personal truths.

People seem to be especially sensitive in their replies of late. Most often information is just that and nothing more, certainly not an attack.


You can do "with them now"? What does that even mean? Do with what now?

It's clear you're not nearly as familiar with paganism as you might think if you're in this much of a snit over objective information that conflicts with your "personal truths". 

Since the purpose of this forum is real paganism, which implies the sharing of real information, I suggest you stop railing against absolutely nothing and try being civil and have an informed discussion, since that's a main part of having such a forum. If you think that somehow the information I provided is wrong, that's fine. But that also means it should be fairly easy for you to prove so, correct? You know, like a few examples of primary and secondary sources showing how ancient religions of the Egyptians or Greeks or Slavic and so on all celebrated the Wheel of the Year. 

Because, hey, I must be wrong because you don't agree, right? 

Sincerely, do share your knowledge on the matter. Thanks.

Sorry to take so long in responding but I was having trouble finding a helmet. :-) let us not forget that we are all in the same post apocalyptic boat here and because of this our traditions are in the infancy of their rebirth. We are in a beautiful age where our traditions are concerned and each of us have been chosen to live it, to be part of it. We are sacred to one another and our numbers are growing ; it is good. Please allow me to steer our sisters and brothers to the book "the Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. Rather one agrees with his philosophy or not I can't see how the agreements themselves are flawed. I've been working with them 12 years now and I can attest that they work and rather pagan or heathen they fit like a glove.

The Wheel. As I understand it in observing nature the wheel can be understood by paying attention to the course of the sun and the moon and the Ursa Major over a years time. I highly recommend "Living Life's Circle " and Thunder Rides a Black Horse " by Claire R. Farrer and the writtings and YouTube posts about Native Science, particularly those by Drs Leroy Little Bear and Gregory Cajete. This is in no way to encourage anyone to play Ndn however these provide a mountain of information that will help us in recovering our stolen traditions . I assure everyone that if you apply these to our own traditions you will be amazed at the change in your perception of things.

The sun rises in three prim points in the sky
The feminine South who brings us the wamth of the nurturer
The masculine. North who brings us the coldness of the warrior
And the Androgynous East who brings us the balance of the two
both in void and as one
The home of the third gender - twospirit.
nurturing -warrior
and warrior -nurturer.
The fourth point hidden in time
See them

Feel them
the ancient gods unfold
Stars spiraling flashing of sword
Bleeding of the moon

The circle of time
a hidden sphere beneath your feet
Revealed by

rings of three before your eyes.

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