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We are trying a new discussion about the Wheel of the Year..... We are looking for everyone to share how, and why, they may choose to incorporate the Wheel of the Year..... Please jump in and let us know your own personal views.... We look forward to your sharing....

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I'm not Wiccan so I don't follow it strictly by any means. I do, however, take note of the weather changes as the seasons shift here. I'm in an area that holds summer nearly 6 months of the year (way too hot for me and honestly still wonder what the hell I'm doing here) with the fall and spring being fairly short and winter being its worst for about 2 months or so.

I'm the only pagan in my family, or in my husband's family for that matter, so I end up usually following what those around me are doing while have my own ideas and beliefs pretty much private. My favorite holidays are Samhain/Halloween, and Yule/Christmas. To me being a witch means blending and merging when needed. Because I lived with inlaws (Southern Baptists) for so many years it became second nature to do just that.

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