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One Halloween night....

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And as he was sitting down in his chair he heard a clickity clack ,clickty clack!


His jaw dropped dreadfully as he saw 30 children in costumes heading his way, looking for a snack!
And at the head of the pack, there was the sound of a QUACK!
But if you looked closely, at the very back, you could make out the figures of Jill, a pale and Jack..
The last two children were not in costumes; they were quite real.  But how, when neither of them survived their spills down the hill?!?
They should not even be here, Ron thought as he drank his beer.
Sullen looked at Ron like he had lost his mind.  Let the little frights have him.  I'll drink his beer in the meantime!  :)

Damn,you guy's caught me. XD.


HEY,my beer!

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