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First we will start out with the Seven Major "Planets" used in spellcrafting. They are the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. And Each has their own day of the week, Sunday, Moonday, Marsday (Tuesday) Mercuryday (Wednesday), Jupiterday (Thursday), Venusday (Friday) and Saturnday (Saturday).

Planetary Correspondences

Source: The Goodly Spellbook by Lady Passion and *Diuvei

The Moon

  • Keywords: magic, mystery, intuition, emotion, subconscious, instinct, moods, flow, rhythm, femininity
  • Sign and Weekday Ruled: Cancer; Monday
  • Deities: Luna, Selene, Diana
  • Spells: Fertility
  • Metal: Silver
  • Stone: Pearl, Moonstone
  • Colors: Silver, White
  • Body Parts: stomach, womb
  • Plant: lettuce
  • Animal: cat
  • Incense: leaves, such as myrtle and laurel

  • Keywords: communication, messages, information, intellect, logic, hermaphroditic
  • Signs and Weekday Ruled: Gemini, Virgo; Wednesday
  • Deities: Hermes Trismegistus (thrice greatest), Anubis, Elegba
  • Spells: Divination
  • Metal: quicksilver, alloyed metals
  • Stone: agate
  • Colors: mixed, clear
  • Body Part: nerves
  • Plant: anise
  • Animal: Ape
  • Incenses: rinds and sweet seeds, such as cinnamon or cassia

  • Keywords: aesthetics, grace, harmony, romance, attraction, sensuality, ambiance
  • Signs and Weekday Ruled: Taurus, Libra; Friday
  • Deities: Aphrodite, Astarte, Freya
  • Spells: Love, romance, relationships
  • Metal: Copper
  • Stones: emerald, rose quartz, tourmaline
  • Colors: green, pink, pastels
  • Body Parts: Skin, vulva
  • Plant: apple
  • Animal: Goat
  • Incenses: flowers, such as roses or saffron
The Sun

  • Keywords: center, ruler, life force, vitality, self, power, ego, masculinity
  • Sign and Weekday Ruled: Leo; Sunday
  • Deities: Sol, Apollo, Shango
  • Spell: health, vitality, masculinity
  • Metal: Gold
  • Stones: topaz, citrine, amber
  • Colors: gold, yellow, orange
  • Body Parts: eyes, heart
  • Plant: calendula
  • Animal: Lion
  • Incenses: resinous gums, such as mastic, storax, copal, or amber

  • Keywords: impulse, boldness, aggression, conflict, brute force, sharp, violent, blood
  • Signs and Weekday Ruled: Aries, Scorpio; Tuesday
  • Deities: Ares, Tyr, Ogun- Deities of Fire and War
  • Spells: Assertiveness
  • Metal: Iron
  • Stones: ruby, garnet
  • Body Part: Muscles, penis
  • Plants: nettle, pine needles
  • Animal: Wolf
  • Incenses: woods, such as cypress or balsam; sulfer; dragon's blood

  • Keywords: plenty, generosity, quantity, growth, expansiveness, philosophy, religion, ideals
  • Signs and Weekday Ruled: Sagittarius, Pisces; Thursday
  • Deities: Zeus, Thor, Santa Claus
  • Spell: prosperity
  • Metal: Tin
  • Stone: amethyst
  • Color: royal purple, dark blue
  • Body Parts: fat, liver
  • Plant: oak
  • Animal: hart
  • Incenses: fruits and spices, such as nutmeg, cloves, orange peels

  • Keywords: boundaries, constraint, hardness, restriction, discipline, structure, limits, walls, contraction, age
  • Signs and Weekday Ruled: Capricorn, Aquarius; Saturday
  • Deities: Cronus, Baron Samedi, Father Time
  • Spell: binding
  • Metal: lead
  • Stones: onyx, jet
  • Color: black
  • Body Parts: bones, skin
  • Plant: horsetail
  • Animal: mole
  • Incense: roots, such as costus and mandrake (which is toxic, caution is advised when using it)

So, what does all this information ahve to do with your spellcrafting. Well, using these correspondences we can be so specific that it increases the effectiveness of our spells. The only way I can explain this is by example. Recently I did a spell to attract a lover. This particular spell required that I make a "mojo" bag. So I decided to gather my supples. For this spell I used a red bag, because I didnt have pink. I took some rose quartz, and rose mary, both are associated with love and romance.  So far I have a bag, rose quartz, and rose mary. I even drew a sigil to add, a simple heart on a piece of paper. I was to do the spell on a Friday, the Day of Venus, the day of Love.

Now I have three correspondences to Venus in the spell, Rose Quartz, Rosemary, and the day of my spell, Friday. But I decided to go even deeper than that. I decided to make the timing of my spell even more specific. The time of the day in which I was to do the spell. Because I wanted to attract the lover I decided that mid day was when I wanted to do it. The sun is highest in teh sky, the day is full. 

To figure the time, I went to my handy little Planetary Hours Chart And it just so happened that there is an Hour of Venus During Midday. The 8th hour of the day. Now we can guesstimate the exact 8th hour of the day, or we can do math. I prefer to guesstimate, but if you are very anal you may want to do the math. To do the math, you can do two things. You can get the exact time of sunrise and the exact time of sunset, divide that amount of time by 12 and then find the section of time that the 8th hour is. OR You can get a Sundial (very easy to find, very easy to make) And wait until the shadow is in the 8th hour. Now we have the Materials Corresponding to Venus, The Day corresponding to Venus, and even the Time of the Day corresponding to Venus. I can do my spell and have full confidence that it will be as effective as possible. 

Even so, we can go even deeper! The Moon is perhaps one of the most important figures in spellcrafting today. If you were to plan a time for the spell the Moon would be the most important time figure. For this Particular spell I would want to do the spell at a Full Moon cause I want Full Fruition, but if you were to do a spell to make something grow smaller, or diminish, you would do it during the waning moon, while it growing smaller. or if you want something to grow you would do it during the Waxing Moon. If you are doing a spell for a fresh start or the birth of something you would do a spell during the New Moon, and if you are, heavens forbid, to do a binding, you would do it during the Dark Moon, which is the three days before the New Moon.

As the sun goes through the Zodiac, so does the Moon. If you are familiar with basic Astrology, or reading and Astrological Calender you can easily find when the Moon is in the phase of a certain sign. And if you are able you can find the Sign corresponding to your spell. such as Libra or Taurus would be for my spell, and find the days that the Moon is in that sign and do the spell then!.

There are so many possibilities and ways to time your spell that you will just have to figure out which day works for you!

Thanks for reading,
Asdea Jasper

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