So I was looking for some personal experiences that you've all had in regards to our God.  I have yet to find a particular deity who I connect with. All personalities seem made made to me.  In a way I am ok without a specific deity.  I believe that the God and Goddess are so immense and multifaceted that our human minds can't begin to comprehend them.  Anyway, I totally digress.  What I was hoping to hear from all of you about is your feelings on communing with the male part of deity, our Horned God, after Samhain and before Yule.  Do you think it is disrespectful to disturb His rest before He is reborn?  Is it even disturbing Him?  I'm on the fence about what I think/feel concerning this and I was hoping to get some insight.

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Ive never found my connection with any deity, male or female, to be largely, or in any way, affected by their gender. That being said my religion is not a fertility religion.

For me there is no issue as my personal Deities are not ones that are reborn every year.  I work with Anpu, Tejhuti, and Menthu from the Egyptian pantheon and they are not influenced by the Wiccan Wheel of the Year.

In my coven practice I work solely with the Deities of British Traditional Wicca, including our own Horned God.  But if you aren't BTW then there would be no purpose in trying to associate with that particular God.

If I were to talk from my own personal theology and my understanding of the nature of the Horned God then I would say that there is never a time of year when it would be inappropriate to speak with him.  In some sense he rests during the period from Samhain to Yule, in another view of the mythology he is still present as the Holly King or as the Hunter.  So he is always there to hear us when we choose to communicate with him.

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