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I'm bad with forums so if this topic is misplaced feel free to move or delete it.
Hello everyone,
I'm new to the website so before I go on to my question I'll introduce myself a little.
Hello I'm a 23 year old woman from the Netherlands and I joined the website in search for a community I can relate to, learn from and merge into to get rid of the feeling of displacement. I identify as celtic pagan and turn to Mother Gaia primarily, I believe in preserving balance, keeping a clean karma and spend a lot of time searching wisdom within me. 
I know a lot about paganism but I feel I have plenty of room to learn and to be taught, it's just somewhat difficult to really dive into it if you are in an environment  where you don't feel you can express yourself properly.  I look forward to meeting likeminded induviduals.

Which leads me to my question, tomorrow we'll have a blood moon, a rare phenomenom that I imagine will beam some unigue kind of energy and I was curious to hear if anyone was going to do something with the occasion and if so, what. Anything anyone can recommend? Maybe the perfect occasion for something special? 
I am very curious to hear about it,

BB )O(

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I guess it depends on what you believe. Some people see the lunar eclipse as a bad omen and won't do any kind of ceremony or magic during one. Some people believe that the lunar eclipse cancels the full moon's power, so they won't do a ceremony or any magic during one. Some see it as a time of fertility (due to the coloring), so will do a ceremony related to fertility. Others believe that it means a lack of fertility and so would avoid anything relating to fertility. 

So, really it depends on your personal beliefs about the lunar eclipse/Blood Moon. Personally, I believe this rare event holds good energy, not bad. So, I will be doing something for it. 

I'm a training herbalist, so all the oils & extracts I currently have steeping will be outside to absorb the moon's energy. My altar is in my office, which is really a 3-season porch (so, tons of windows). I will open the door to outside & pull up all the blinds to let in as much of the moonlight as possible. I'll do a short, personal ritual before the eclipse, at my altar, to commune with my deities. Then, I will do one outside at the beginning of the eclipse to commune with nature - just a little something to pay my respects & leave an offering of some kind. Then, I will spend some time scrying. So, nothing too exciting, but that's what I'll be doing.

Depending on what path you're on would influence whether or not full moons, and their monthly correspondences have any relevance. More often than not magi(k)al ones seem to observe certain lunar correspondences. 

Full moons are relevant to my path, so yes I will acknowledge that tonight,  but most of all I'd just like to see this one. Typical Ireland though, nothing but rain clouds to foil that!


Welcome to RP! I was at work during the eclipse but I was able to step outside and see this one, briefly when it was a partial and then again once it was fully eclipse. It was beautiful and I believe it was a magical time.


Greetings and welcome to the forum.

The weather here was just way too bad to go outside and do anything, the wind and rain was awful and the thunder and lightening just made it impossible.  Clouds made the Moon invisible, so no chance of seeing the eclipse or the bit where it was supposed to have turned red afterwards.

I did feel it's energies though... the Moon, and the storm... the atmosphere here was very "charged".  Found myself feeling very restless, and unsettled. 

Noticed how all the dogs in the neighbourhood were barking loudly at the same time too.

Now it's passed, it's fallen a little still here, I feel the energy has subsided and things are returning to normal. 

The nights continue to draw in as we head for Samhain, and the clocks here change soon too.

A time of going into "self" approaches and the veil to Summerlands is thinning.

We will soon be saying hail to the ancients.


Leuk een medelander te ontmoeten hier:) Voel je vrij om je aan te melden bij Pagans of the Benelux groep:)

Ik kijk er naar uit om je voortgang te zien.

BB Feo


Nice to meet a country member here! Please, feel free to join the Pagans of the Benelux group.

I'm looking forward to see your progress :D

BB Feo

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