Long title I know. I wanted to share this with other people who may be new to the Craft and those who might be in search of a coven. This is something that helped me tremendously. You can never ever be too careful when searching for a coven, they will become your family. While family can have it's little quarrels and disagreements, there are other things that can creep up on you later if you aren't careful from the beginning.


This guide basically goes over the "cult mentality" and helps give guidelines of things that should be "red flags" to any seeker. Just like any other religious path out there, there are crazies in Witchcraft too, and maybe even more so since the community at large feels an over abundant need to be accepting to all walks of life. Being accepting is okay, I don't personally believe anyone should judge a book by it's cover. However, there's a lot to be said about protecting yourself, especially when strangers are involved. Any credible, self respecting coven, will actually be grateful that you are taking your search seriously enough to consider the things listed in this guide. I will attach it as a word doc., as I am a complete internet nublet. Feel free to download this document, print it, remember it, take notes with it, or anything that may help you and keep it close when you are interviewing with groups to work with or covens.


To the Mods: I didn't really know where to put this, so if it needs to be moved, I am sorry and please feel free to move it to where it doesn't disrupt the flow of the site.


Thanks and Good luck to all!



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Thanks for this, Crystal!! :) And the beginner's circle is a good place for this. Excellent!
Ty for the important info. Finding a good coven is difficult as well as creating one. We have to be careful, very careful these days.

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