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Really, why must it always be the extreme deviants, media whores or witchocides that get the attention? Anyone have some recent, good news?

SEX witch and pedophile Robin Fletcher accepts he is an "unacceptable risk"' of re-offending if he is not closely monitored, the Supreme Court heard today. But a barrister for Fletcher told Justice Mark Weinberg that his client opposes a 15-year extension of a current supervision order that restricts his movements.

Fletcher served more than 10 years in jail for raping, prostituting and abusing two 15-year-old girls he enslaved through his sickening views about the sexuality of children.

The Department of Justice has applied to the court to have Fletcher's current supervision order extended until 2026. But Fletcher's barrister said that the requested extension is too lengthy and he should be slowly re-integrated back into the community.

In court today Fletcher was holding a book entitled Why Mrs Blake Cried. which deals with the poet William Blake's obsession with magic, penis worship, sexual-spiritual experimentation, tantric sex and free love.

Fletcher, who wore sunglasses in court, is believed to be going blind.

The hearing is continuing.

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Um, WTF?  I'm just confused... 

Like I've said before, the whack-jobs always sell more stories.  The masses don't want to read about happy stories, hell no!  This is vulture-culture we're talking about here!  The more F-ed up something is, the better it will sell.

But yeah, it makes the occult community look real bad when the only times we get exposure through the news is due to whack jobs like this.  Whack jobs that aren't really even what they claim to be. 

Thank you for the Daily WTF, Sang!  This is more messed up than both the forums AND the chatroom on WiccanTogether!  Wow!

Everything should have come down to a single word....pedophile.

Nothing about his faith is relevant if the title pedophile applys.

Children need to be nutured and protected from anyone of any faith [ or none] that would seek to harm them.

It has been clearly shown over many years that rehabilitation of pedophiles is pretty much impossible.  They WILL re-offend if given the chance...and Fletcher even admits this.  Hopefully the courts will have more sense than his attorneys have in this case.

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