I may get some odds looks for this topic but I hope you all will hear me out and may be able to answer some of my questions. Thanks in advance.

Over the last few years I've looked around for traditions that might be right for me to get training. I have found a lot of traditions, each independant and different from the others. I think I would like to create my own "tradition" if that's what I should be calling it.

In the tradition I want to start I see there being no ultimate and supernatural figure(s) we are devoted to. Well, except the five elements. In my circles I have always called Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. In the past I called several deities into my circle and to be honest, I felt more of a presence from the elements. I want to honor the sacredness of the earth and all elements.

Air is the one who gives us breath and knowledge. Fire brings us light and warmth. Water is both creative and destructive at the same time. Earth gives us strength and fortitude. Finally, Spirit is what binds us all together in this ever elegant web of life.

I realize I have a long way to go, but I am open to suggestions and help. Maybe I can even open a group here when I get things together.

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That sounds awesome!  Good luck with your endeavor.  I've looked into a few different traditions also trying to find one that would suit me best; [Although, I'm very new to all this as I've only been seriously looking into Paganism this past year.] From what I've read about most of them, it seems as though someone created a lot of them anyway, so I wouldn't see why it would be so out of the question for you to begin one yourself. 

The way I see it is this - All religions are made up anyway [no rudeness/hate meant by that] by people needing guidance while they're living this human life.  [For me] What's not made up is that fact that there is a higher force/being what-have-you in charge of everything and taking care of all of us.  To each their own, so by all means if you wish to begin your own tradition, I say go for it!  You never know, perhaps one day it could become as popular as Wicca? 

Personally, lately I have been feeling a bit lost myself as to which direction I need to move in.  I love many aspects of several traditions as well as some non-Pagan religions, however like I said I'm still a 'newbie' and just don't know enough yet.  I almost feel as though because I don't know a whole lot yet I'm almost not worthy to begin anything, but then I think - how does one become good at anything unless they actually begin somewhere?  I have much to learn and any advice you can pass along to me would be greatly appreciated.  But on the topic you discussed here I hope you find the right direction to head in on starting your tradition. 

Many blessings to you! )O(

I respect your ambitions (if that's the right thing to call it) and accept you wish to find a valid way to express your beliefs and follow your practices.  We all have a right to experience our path the way which fetches us the most happiness.  Whatever feeds your soul.  Good for you.  I wish you well on your journey xx 

Are you talking about developing your own highly defined practice for yourself, or the intent to create an established and recognized Tradition to be known among the various other established Neopagan & Witchcraft Traditions?

If you've been developing your own practice during these years, in all likelihood you've already created a tradition for yourself. There are Traditions (capital 'T') and traditions (lowercase). Anyone who develops a set way for himself has created the latter; whereas someone like Alex Sanders founding Alexandrian Wicca is an example of the former. A Tradition suggests having a cohesive practice that is to be perpetuated beyond the individual, which means the individual is already knowledgable and proficient and qualified/capable of in turn training and initiating others into it. And general aside, being an Elder of a tradition is a lot more complexity and work than may be evident.

I generally think that of a set spiritual practice that has been passed down to three generations of individuals.  What I mean by that is that you train people in your "tradition" and those people train people in that same "tradition" who then train people and it is now a Tradition.

I think this is a great idea really and might be what I end up doing myself.  I firmly believe that Religion for the Masses is a bad idea.  We all have different points of view, different ways of connecting, different core values, etc etc.  That is why many people are Eclectic, they borrow from different branches to form their own foundation.  In a way, forming your own foundation, your own core belief system, is the right thing to do.  That is why we're all here to learn and grow.  Others may in fact borrow from your core system and adopt it to their own or even call themselves a part of your own Tradition.  People have core belief systems, but they like belonging to a crowd, a's Human Nature.  We're social animals.  What does that one quote say? "If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later." - Richard Branson

I've actually started working on this. It's still a work in progress, but this kind of thing usually is.

It looks like you've borrowed some Wiccan concepts but your tradition isn't actually a branch of Wicca, it's a foray into eclectic paganism. 

Why did you choose those particular dates to celebrate the elements?  Just curious.

Morgan Johnstone said:

I've actually started working on this. It's still a work in progress, but this kind of thing usually is.

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