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Need a financial breakthrough? So I been in my kitchen burning sllspice, cinnamon, paprika, and thyme. Do yall think this will bring good fortune and luck? Cux i need some new magic info.

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Well, the first thing I would bring to your attention is that magic requires firm belief in the fact that it will work in order for it to happen.  If you are doubting what you are doing then you are sabotaging your own magic.

In regards to the specific spices that you are burning:

Allspice = Money, Luck, Healing.

Cinnamon = Success, Draws Money

Paprika = used to add energy to any spell or mixture.

Thyme = Health, Healing, Sleep, Psychic Powers, Love, Purification, Courage

So for the purposes of drawing wealth, the only one in your mix that doesn't seem to be on point is thyme. 

Instead of thyme you might try vetivert, vervaine, banana, wheat, cedar, cloves, dill, ginger, marjoram, or mint as possibilities.

But i heard thyme was good 4 holding money? And also how would u properly burn these spices, cux all I do is sit them on a plate and just burn them

The sources I have seen don't mention thyme as associated with money.  That being said, if thyme means money to you then that becomes one of the correspondences in your mind.

As to how to burn them...  Whenever you are doing magic what is really important is holding in your mind both a clear intent of what you want the magic to do and a visualization of what the outcome of the magic might be.  For instance, you might want to visualize all of your bills being marked "paid".  It's also important to keep in mind things that you don't want the magic to do.  For instance, you could do a spell for money and then have a favorite relative die and leave their fortune to you.  You got what you asked for, but not in a way you wanted.

If I am doing a ritual to bring something to me I would first choose the moon phase.  We're currently in a waning moon, which is not the best for bringing more money into your life.  For that I would wait until the waxing moon.  You can still do the spell now, but it will take more energy to do it.  I would then take the spices/herbs I wanted to burn, sit quietly and think clearly on what you want them to accomplish, push energy towards accomplishing that goal, and then burn the herbs while visualizing their energy going towards your purpose.  What you burn them in isn't as important as that whatever you use to contain them is fireproof and can take the heat of the flame.

On another note, could I ask please that you do not use text speak in your posts.  Not all of our members are English-speaking and text speak becomes confusing for them.

Yes sir. I can write properly... Sorry about that. I get caught up in trying to explain things, I just try to type it the fastest way. Lol. But my friend, uses tissue. She pours the spices she gonna use in the middle of the tissue, folds it, then burns it, and meditates on what she wants.
And also, we realized that just burning the spices, by themselves, it was hard to burn. The spices/herbs wouldnt stay lit long. So she found something that would make it stay together, and burn along with it. So can this method b used ? Or is there a better , proper way to do these spices to meditate?

Well, for starters you can burn loose incense (powdered spices) on a charcoal disc.  These are not the charcoal briquettes used for grilling.  Charcoal disc's can be found in any pagan, wiccan or new age store, and or any store that sells incense.  Video is an example of burning on charcoal disc.

Or you can do this.  Glass of salt.  A rolled piece of paper stuck into the salt.  Pour powdered herbs and spices into the rolled paper, and burn.  I've tried this, it does work.

Or if you want to be more elaborate.  You can make incense pellets; binding powered herbs and spices with dried fruit and honey.  These will need to be burned on a charcoal disc, or an incense stove.  It takes a little longer though, as the pellets need to cure.  I wrote a blog about this here, in which you will find links for further information about this method, with a video to watch.

My first thought on the ingredients you have there is where are you getting your correspondences from? Lark is not incorrect with the correspondences of thyme, based off of Cunningham and others.  But in Hoodoo, thyme is good for bringing peace of mind during sleep, and it increases and protects your money (Book: Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic by Catherine Yronwode). This is important to know, and to clarify to others, as certain traditions don't view the same herbs the same way. Hence, Lark's reply differs.

Also, when addressing Lark, it's yes Ma'am not "Yes Sir".  ;)

Stay Blessed...


Thank you so much for the information. I am a beginner. And the internet. Doesn't explain much. I will gladly study these website. Thanks

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