Greetings Folks

We are going to be making some changes to Real Pagan – a new look and theme to brighten up the site and environment along with background changes that we hope will improve site efficiency.

However this will cause some slight disruption because the Site provider Editor does not support the site’s current theme. This means that any customisation of your page, such as your backgrounds and headers or other theme features will be reset to default.

This will NOT affect your content such as text and photos etc. It will simply reset your page look to the default profile. You are welcome to customise your pages again in whatever fashion you wish.

Unfortunately there is no way of preserving the profile customisation features, so please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Your moderating team will be on hand to assist you if you should have questions or queries. The change will take place early Thursday morning EST.

The reason for doing this is to bring Real Pagan in line with current site protocols and software used by Ning which is our service provider. This will mean that not only will the site look nicer but that it should run more efficiently.

We thank you for your continued contributions to the site!

Blessed Be

The Cabal

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As Real Pagan gets ready to make some changes to upgrade, maybe, this is the time, to also think about how you too, are growing and evolving...Think about those changes, and see if you can bring them with you, as you go about customizing your page again... Can't wait to see the unique designs that each of you come up with!

Blessed Be

That's a wonderful thought MJ! :-)

We need a like button....and an Are You Fracking Kidding Me button....maybe a Broiled Be button, but definitely the Like Button.

That is great idea MJ and demonstrates the concept of looking to the most mundane tasks with magical eyes. It is a good reminder that the path of a witch is not one to be explored only at the alter or in circle but one that permeates all areas of daily life. Thanks for the reminder.

LOL Sutra kinda yes to all of the above

I had a little family emergency yesterday and will be making the changes late tonight or early tomorrow.

Loving the new look, very fresh.

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