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Hello all,


I've been gone a long time. So good to see all the familiar faces still here and many new, as well.


Do you mind if we share Samhain plans? I'm looking for ideas. The kids and I started an altar yesterday and it was fabulous. We will work on adding one thing each day this month. Then we'll do our bonfire, a little feast, and of course, all the other stuff like trick-or-treat as well. I'll add some ash from the bonfire, along with dirt from our garden, to my sacred soil as a reminder of the great harvest we had and the wonderful summer that is now gone.


How about you?



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I'm planning on doing a little ritual, giving thanks, and re-doing my initation as a way to help me keep focus. 


I can't do much, as my little boy is only 4yr, and I live at home with my folks, so things need to be kept on the low

Those ideas sound wonderful.  We will trick or treat first because bonfires have a tendency to put my kids to sleep.  :)


Once we get home, the family is going to participate in ritual, recall the year, recognize the transformation of the Earth, and remember people dear to us who have passed as has the warm months of summer.  I would like to begin explaining the wheel of the year to my children.

Aside from coven stuff, my husband and I are looking to work on our life cord project (an exercise that we're perfecting for our upcoming book).

We have a dedication ritual planned and then there is the feast for the ancestors and leaving food out for the Faeries. I'll be doing a solitary Remembrance Ritual for those I lost this year and who I would like to connect with again before they truly cross over to the Summerlands. I'll also be giving due praise to the Gods and Goddesses of life, death and rebirth.


Looking forward to it greatly :)

Well the kids will do a little trick or treat run then we will probably hold a bonfire as a family and have a little ritual that the kids can participate in as we remember the past year and bring in the new year and a remembering of our ancestors. Will also do a dedication ritual.

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