A small issue in one of the groups today brought to light a problem many of us are aware of. Some of the groups on site were created years ago and the owners and moderators are no longer around. While we greatly appreciate how diligent everyone has been in contacting us as soon as a problem arises, the Cabal are balancing home life, jobs, our own hobbies and projects, as well as admin'ing here and building the new site.

I don't want anyone to feel they cannot come to us. That is not what this post is about. One of us is usually close by but I really want to see our members take a more active role in maintaining the site standards outlined in the rules.

One group that was featured when we took up shop, was removed today after we were alerted to some troubling posts. As a result, we looked into other discussions and groups then altered the rules on page 1 to include no bashing of solitary or eclectic paths.

It is juvenile and bespeaks nothing but spiritual immaturity. It is, furthermore a violation of everything we stood for when we, along with other founding members, built this site. You can correct, you can educate, and you are more than welcome to your opinion regarding any path or tradition represented here.

We will not tolerate childish squabbling and we will not tolerate denigrating remarks toward any of our members regardless of their level of experience or education. If that is your path, there are many other pagan sites that endorse that sort of thing.

Now that that business is over. I hope we can start fresh. Not the best opening for asking a favor of our valued members, but here it is.

We are actively seeking volunteers to moderate and admin those groups that interest you most if the management is no longer present. We can transfer ownership if you prefer to keep all the valuable information to build upon or we can delete the group so as to ensure that your group gets the traffic. We will offer as much support as is possible and will feature new and growing posts to help you find members interested.

The new site allows for features that Ning does not and members that take the initiative here, will be considered for a variety of interesting features to help you grow.

Thanks for listening and many blessings,


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You all know I am here where needed.
I've been around since the old WT days.. I'd be willing to volunteer my time to better the community. Anything to give back. <3

I'll have some time to give for some of the groups :)

Just sent you a message Sutra!

I usually stay pretty quiet, but I would love to be more active and am than happy to lend a hand where needed to help maintain (if not better) the community.

 I here if you need some good old fashion Mule sense Be more then happy to help..

I'll volunteer if you want me to.

Also happy to help, with anything Heathen related. Does taking over a group allow for renaming, changing pictures etc?

I am pretty silent and don't speak out much but I would like to help if you need it. I am, or rather consider myself solitary eclectic pagan. Are there any groups in this category? Also if there is a group dealing with PCOS I suffer from this nasty little syndrome as well so I'd be up for taking charge there as well. I was away for a while and back as of today and plan on being more active on the site. Just let me know. I can probably commit to corresponding a few times per week while my college classes are still in session. Once classes are out for summer I can commit more fully to a daily correspondence.

I would be more than happy to help!!!

No problem, already made some changes. If she does come forward at a latter stage I am happy to start a new group, otherwise it would be a shame to waste the existing conversations.

Sutra..again. said:

I sent a message to Jen but have not heard back yet.  I know she had decided to follow Buddhism a while back. In the case of the Heathen Group, it pretty active. I will leave it up to you if you would like to have the group deleted and move all the discussions to the new group or wait to see if she minds me changing ownership. Really appreciate you coming forward Diane. 

I waited to respond because I wanted to see what the level of traffic and participation is for our remaining community. I don't know if it's worth trying to keep the bulk of the groups. From the sounds of it many of the owners are no longer active and didn't respond to inquiry when contacted. I also don't think we currently have enough active members to get a clear idea of which groups should be salvaged. I thought about offering to take over or create a new group for Hellenismos but there simply is not enough activity to merit putting in the effort right now. One person recently created a related group and the only discussion was between the two of us, and that was a few weeks ago. And we also seem to have lost a couple of current members who had taken over groups, leaving those groups without anyone to manage them and thus rendering those groups dead too.

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