Well folks it has taken much longer than we expected, but we think it has been worth it... I am pleased at last to announce the new site will be coming online in approximately 14 days. This is only a preliminary announcement, more details will be forthcoming very soon.

The new site is called Pagan Crossroads and has been custom designed to suit our needs and will expand to add new facilities and features as we desire them.

There is also a far more powerful and we hope reliable chat engine, which means that it will be possible to stage a variety of different chat events.

As a result of all this it means that Real Pagan on Ning (the present site) will close at the end of October. So folks will need to recover any materials they wish to keep from Real Pagan before that date. Obviously members of the Cabal will be around to help answer any questions.

More soon...


The Cabal

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I joined about the time this new 2.0 was announced so I haven't really added much. I'm still keeping an eye though and hopefully this will be settled soon. I'm trying so hard to be patient. LOL!

It is nearly upon us Amber, thank you for your patience but hopefully you will not need to contain yourself for much longer! LOL

Best of luck the transfer and I hope there are not many glitches in the process. I worry not about any past posts of mine. I am far more interested in what my future posts will be.

Blessed Be,


I too haven't been here too much but I will get back into the swing here.

Blessed be to all. Pagan crossroads same .net ??

Blessed be and I hope everyone is having a full moon blessing!

Past posts are rarely important to me. It is the next post that is important.

Blessed Be,


Have you posted a link for the new forum anywhere yet please?

How are we doing on this one? is there a link or will this auto shift? Anyone? 

Why not do a insite email link to all members or just the Addy??? 

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