Greetings all, Im wondering how many of you have made a study of quantim physics, and how, if at all, you see it within our paths. Ive been learning just the outlines on this subject, but it seems to me, there is a large place for this theory within my own path. Quantim physics states that we are all connected, and that our thoughts or imagination has created our existence, and continues to do so. I studied this slightly in College, and just recently, began to gain interest on the subject again. There is a great documentry on ppv right now called, "Quantim Activists". Has anyone seen this? Ive got to work this weekend, so i wont be able to get online except in the mornings. I look forward to hearing from those of you that have stidied this, and any thoughts on this subject and where i might be mistaken are welcome. I find it sooo intertesting! BB Lea

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No one has an opinion???
Don't worry Lea...there will be many replies to this thread:)
Thank you Jennifer, I am so interested in this theory, and i know so little about, but it seems to make such wonderful sence to me. Ill peek back in tomorrow inbetween shifts. BB Lea

I think a great deal of the "popular" understanding of quantum (with a U) physics is Lies-to-Children. Part of me is convinced they make shit up as they go along and no one knows enough of what they're talking about to call them out on it. I mean, even quantum physicists have been known to say "No one understand quantum mechanics".


Frankly I think it's best to leave them to it until they have a better handle on things. It's not that I'm opposed to the idea of stuff winking in and out of existence all the time, and lots of black holes forming and then being destroyed, or something, and atoms having 16 dimensions when you spin them in the opposite direction. It just seems so out of sorts with normal physics, so I'm going to leave them to it until they both gel. Making it work with General Relativity would be favourite. They can get back to me when they have their Theory of Everything.


However, I guess we do owe them the microchip. And many other things. Thank you, quantum physicists.


I don't know about the "everything is connected" and the imagination part. I do know that I've seen physicists do their nut about the crap in "The Secret" and "What the bleep do we know". They get angry like a climatologist watching "The Day After Tomorrow". Hours of amusement. I like to watch an intelligent person rant. It's like David Mitchell when something sets him off. Great fun.

I think quantum physics is a fascinating subject myself.  There is actually a few books specifically dealing with theories on how quantum physics relates to magic.  The theories of alternate timelines and parallel dimensions is a part of it. So is how our "will" affects the universe.  Perhaps most interesting recently is they proved that they can link two particles in a certain matter and then no matter how much you separate them what you do to one the other responds.  An interesting scientific take on the "law of contagion." 

I haven't gotten to deeply into the mathematics of quantum physics yet, but I have taken a look at several of the theories and started experimenting with some of the theories in magic systems in the past. I got distracted and never finished my experiments, but they did look promising, and I intend to go back to it at some point.


MM all, nice to see some opinions, and Sanguina, thanks for the re-spell. I realize alot of the theories are just that, theories. But its also nice to see that alot of what is being experimented with, comes down to the basics of the magic that I/we work with. I also know that proving alot of the theory will be very hard and time consuming. I too, am not able to understand the mathmatics of quantum, but I believe the fact that there are equations relating to these physics is very hopeful. Im not sure i agree with everything you Sang, are saying, but because I know so little about the nitty-gritty's, I feel you might have some valid points. I appreciate all of you who have posted reply's. This is a subject Im going to continue to observe, and also try to learn more about. Some of it is really hard to wrap my brain around, but I also remember the same feelings when I first began working with magic! Thanks again,..BB Lea

I wasn't sure if it was a type or not ^_^;


Well, no, in science, theories aren't just theories ;) They've been tested over and over again, and are accepted as the closest thing we have to reality until something better comes along ;) I'm not sure if scientific theories are what you were referring to here, so please take no offense. It's just a line I tend to see a lot... often in the context of "evolution is only a theory".


I don't think quantum physics can be said to be related to magic at this juncture. What works on a quantum level does not work on a macro level, for example. Hence the issues with General Relativity vs. Quantum physics. The theories conflict when it comes to particular situations, like what happens in the middle of a black hole. I think it's very premature to scale things up from the quantum and suggest that it relates to magic, visualisation and so forth - particularly given reactions from physicists to the bastardisation of physics in "what the bleep do we know", etc. While there may indeed be some sort of connection between quantum physics and magic, I would not make any prediction there... If nothing else, it really makes the magic-using community look unversed in science to jump the gun in such a way, which is something I would like to avoid.


Frater: Have you seen that delayed observation eraser experiment? That one weirded the crap outta me. It might mean that violation of causality is possible experimentally and that would mean that half the equations quantum mechanics depends on are wrong. I mean talk about mind-blowing stuff.

And this is exactly why I felt comfortable posting this on this site. I was hoping there were folks that could better explain this and help me see what is and what is not! And Sang, no worries ever about offending me, this is WHY I posted, learn, and with your help, I might now have a better understanding of the true nature of the topic! This is a tough subject, at least to me. I always try to learn about these types of things, yet not really knowing what it is Im seeing and drawing a conclusion on what a few supposed authorities are saying, I need others input to know what is real, or not. I might not agree, but it will spur me forth to look deeper and not just jump to a convenient conclusion, something I do very well!!! (can you say...fluffy!!) Lol, ..thanks alot for taking the time to post, really does mean alot to me,..I love intellegent, and thought provoking discussions. BB Lea
I don't study it myself, but I am getting handfasted to a physicist so it's always been something amusing to me to hear the real story from him and other physicists, and the story from new-agers.
One thing they always say is "if you think you understand quantum physics, you don't understand quantum physics."

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