PLEASE LIGHT A CANDLE BLUE FOR ME or what anthing that will help thank you

The reason why am aksing is my best friend Tonya Whiten new grandbaby was born two weeks early on March 16,2011. The new mom and the baby are doing so well. The new mom came out fine and the new baby Ava is in ALT GA. in ICU for she is having real bad seizures. Thank you so much for this. The baby name is Ava Renee Quick.

Many Blessings and loves


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Consider it done!


Got my area of the UK covered :-)
Will light candles for both dear.
I know these problems too well in my family, best wishes and prayers your way. Beannacht agus siochan leat.
May the healing powers reach out and keep Ava safe...Prayers and wishes are sent to her and her family.....Blessed Be...MJ)O(
thank you all for this for all. This means lots to me. Found out today that the baby Ava might be coming home this weekend and my Freind Tonya is goning get me my CPR leason (sorry miss spell) so I can help and sit with them when they are at work ans the mommy is at home with her . Thank you again
Hadn't said, but I'm lighting candles here love

thank you so much

Seren Haf said:

Hadn't said, but I'm lighting candles here love

Wishing mom and baby well! How are they both doing?



Sorry I haven't giving you guys updates on whats going on for  a lots is going on. Just want to say thank you for still lighting candles. The baby was doing well but something happen and went back and not doing so well. I really don't know whats going for the family is being really quite about now. Which is every upsetting to me. But they have their reason and I can't blame them for the. Thank you for all  the lighting and payers. May either keeping do so or not. If get an up date I will try to let everyone. Thank you again.



Lighting candles and giving prayers for the baby and her family.


Blessings to All. x



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