As a large part of my practice revolves around showing my respects I've put together this list of important dates and I thought I'd share it with you. 

We all remember dates like Samhain and Imbolc and Yule, etc.,  but these might be a little more difficult to store in mind...  so here they are in handy reference form!

January 4th  would have been Doreen Valiente's Birthday
January 23rd  anniversary of the day William Price passed over to Summerlands 
January 30th  would have been Geoffrey Higgins Birthday

February 12th  would have been Gerald Gardner's Birthday
February 22nd  would have been Sybil Leek's Birthday

March  4th  would have been William Prices' Birthday
March 10th  would have been Iolo Morganwg's Birthday
March 16th  Margot Adlers' Birthday
March 28th  anniversary of the day Scott Cunningham passed over to Summerlands

April 5th  Arthur Pendragons' Birthday  (The Stonehenge Druid)
April 21st  Philip Shallcrass's Birthday
April 30th  anniversary of the day Alex Sanders passed over to Summerlands

May 29th  would have been Gerald Masseys' Birthday

June 6th  would have been Alex Sanders Birthday
June 13th  would have been Gerald Dardners' Birthday
June 27th  would have been Scott Cunninghams' Birthday

August 9th  anniversary of the day Gerald Higgins passed over to Summerlands
August 12th  anniversary of the day Isaac Bonewitz passed over to Summerlands
August 31st  Raymond Bucklands Birthday

September 1st  anniversary of the day Doreen Valiente passed over to Summerlands
September 18th  would have been Cecil Williamsons' Birthday

October 1st  would have been Isaac Bonewitz's Birthday
October 12th  would have been Aliester Crowley's Birthday
October 26th  anniversary of the day Sybil Leek passed over to Summerlands
October 29th  anniversary of the day Gerald Massey passed over to Summerlands

November 21st Krisstopher Hughes Birthday

December 1st  anniversary of the day Aleister Crowley passed over to Summerlands
December 9th  anniversary of the day Cecil Williamson passed over to Summerlands
December 16th  Cat Treadwells' Birthday
December 18h  anniversary of the day Iolo Morganwg passed over to Summerlands

apologies for any spelling errors or other mistakes, please feel free to help point out things that might need changing...

If I've missed any out you'd like to add, perhaps you could cut and paste it to the reply box, adding the missed out ones as you go? 

Just a suggestion!

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 Nice Thank You for posting this.

My pleasure, glad you found it helpful.

It occurs to me some of the names I have included might not be familiar with everyone but I guess they would be easy enough to search on the internet if you wanted to look them up!

thank you!  very appreciated.

Something you haven't considered is that the calender on which those dates lie is the theological calender that Christians use, so it doesn't seem entirely appropriate to celebrate their birthdays on a Christian calender. Also, in one of Doreen Valiente's interviews, she did not give out her birthday to the interviewer who asked, so to give it out here and in such a group isn't exactly true to what one can assume to be Doreen Valiente's wishes. Aside from being simply information, what good is this information in the long run?
I have noted your lengthy treatise, however it was unnecessary as it rather evades the particular point I was trying to make.

Peoples birthdays and their death days occur physically, no matter what calender is used to determine those events, and obviously that cannot be changed. A person's birth and death can be commemorated in other ways using other types of calenders or events, and I don't see how it is respectful to involve the Christian theological calender in paying respects to someone who specifically says they weren't or aren't Christian.

I've not heard of an alternate Wiccan calendar. If you want to point us to a source hemlOck, that'd be great.

There doesn't have to be an alternate calender to simply not include that information if honoring them in specific rites.  Since when does not doing something require an alternative?  Since when does honoring the dead, or living, require the use of their birthdays? 

Though you say you won't engage me further, I'll still ask:

What holidays are relevant to the celebration of birthdays, and what do birthdays have to do with other holidays?

Mod Hat on here - I think this argument about which calendar to use is rather pointless and contributes little to the discussion.  If someone wishes to celebrate an individual by doing so on their birthday that is their prerogative.  If they don't wish to do so that is fine as well.  In my opinion there is no right or wrong in this issue merely personal preference.  Why don't we leave it at that.

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