I was wanting to ask how people feel about paying for certain services. Not just from learning with a teacher. I could have sworn I saw this topic here somewhere, but couldn't find it. So I apologize if this topic has already been discussed.


I'm kind of torn on this issue myself. Some of you are probably familiar with a very, very popular youtube user by the name of CharmingPixieFlora. She has a website that sells certain services such as:


-Spiritual coaching


-how to build altars (along with many other how-to wiccan topics)


- finding spirit guides


A lot of these services she corresponds via emails and telephone conversation. Her prices range from 20 bucks, to 335 dollars a month (for her spiritual coaching package).


So I wanted to ask your opinion on buying different services. Do you not believe in selling these services at all? Do you feel that prices should be limited to a certain amount. Do you feel it's effective to pay for readings via email and phone?Add anything else about this topic that you feel like!

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I see no problem with charging for a service.  That's not to say that I think everybody should charge for their services, but there's no reason somebody shouldn't have the option.  I know that opens the door for people to sell "magic snake oil.. gauranteed to cure everything" but that's where discretion on the part of the buyer comes in. 



I guess for me it depends on the context. A part of my eclectic practices is that I do some work with Hoodoo and routinely buy pre-made oils and pre-fixed candles from Lucky Mojo, a shop online. I see no problem with doing this because Hoodoo is a honed skill, as is growing, sorting, and using the herbs required to create these products. Plus, I also pay for the work that goes into shipping and handling.


However, I do not feel comfortable with people from my tribe's traditions charging for their services. In our tradition, being able to connect to the Spirit World or having spiritual "gifts" comes with the responsibility of serving your people. To charge for this is, in a way, blasphemous. That doesn't mean there aren't cultural expectations that come with asking a person to share their gift with you. It is expected that when you ask someone a favor, you first give them the sacred gift of tobacco. When you go to something like a sweat lodge, you bring gifts to thank them for their time and to honor their spirit. Gifts isn't something material like an ipod or a DVD, it's something that they can use like towels, cloth, potholders, or even socks. Something to nourish their spirit (as your spirit is interested in nourishing its body). 


It is for this reason that when I provide spiritual services to people, I don't charge. But also because I am sharing a personal part of myself for free monetarily but at cost to myself, I don't open my services up to any old person walking in my door. I have to be convinced the service will do the person some good, that they are ready for it, and that their heart is in the right place when taking it on. I don't want some wannabe-tribe, indian-enthusiast joining my circle at Women's Moon Ceremony...I want someone who is already rooted in the culture or community who believes the things I do and takes them just as seriously. There are wrong reasons to try to do something spiritually, and no amount of money will convince me to look the other way.



I also have no problems paying for a service, however you have to be sure of the sourse of that service.

Personal recommendations are a great help.

I've paid for oils and incense and contributed to the costs of running a coven in the past....after all speakers need to be paid for and hall hired [ if your not luck enough to have your own space].

I have never asked for payment for any service I've provided [ except for thoses directly related to, a pagan wedding planning service that I have an interest in].

Remember the old adage...buyer beware....if it looks to go to be true, well it most likely is.

I don't really think that you should be charged for "spiritual coaching"... Anything along the lines of what a clergy person might do should be free, the point being that a poor person or a rich person should have equal access to guidance spiritually. I think you "pay" in hard work and loyalty.


however, I might understand charging for tarot or rune readings... Mostly for taking rime out of one's day to help a random person...


How to? Well if it is a skill like woodworking, candle making... sure, I guess you could charge a class fee.. But to me, if they are just sending a prerecorded video, and not providing feedback between student and teacher... I ((myself) probably would not charge.


Meditaions... no I am asuming they are just guided meditaions...


I don't know, I think that you can pay for goods, and time... If you pay $4.00 for a video how-to... ok, but it doesn't make sense to me to pay $30 or $40 or more for something that is mass produced and is available for free elsewhere. Anyways, I am always suspicious of people who charge a lot of money for non-material spiritual services. Most teachers, guides, etc don't charge... that isn't to say you won't have to spend any money- you may have to buy your own books, supplies, pay for gas... but knowlege is *ideally* free.








I don't have a problem paying for services as long as I'm getting my money's worth.


This gal... nothing I see there that I'd give 10 cents for. Then again, she's more than welcome to make her money through the Barnum school of thought, if there's people who need to be separated from their money. 

If she claimed to be of a tradition that does not support charging I would not agree with her charging.  If you ever go to New Orleans and go to the Fancy Voodoo stores you will fine they all charge for Spells and every thing and anything they do. Its ok with them its ok with me.  Now if she promises to Initiate you into her tradition for X dollars for 1st degree etc I have a problem with that. IN the craft of the Wise we do not charge its a rule. So most BTW folks maybe a Tarot reader by day and charge but when it comes to there tradition they do not charge.  its a personal call for each person to make . Don't like that she charges dont buy from her.

I personally don't charge for what I do, when I do it, but neither do I go about distributing it willy-nilly. If what I am doing requires materials, I only ask that the requester bring me the materials, or if they need me to acquire them, then that they pay my costs. My labor and my time and my energy are a part of the gift I give them when I do what it is that I do.

What's the difference between Wiccan and New Age?

About $500 a weekend.

Is getting a tarot or rune reading over the phone even as accurate?


I'm always wary after the whole Miss Cleo thing. Lol

I personally wouldn't trust any such reading. I don't understand how you could tell someone something spiritual and relevant to them if their presence is not needed. But that's just me.

 Well If you know the person and have met them before I am sure doing a Reading for them.  I have done readings for people over the phone and it has worked.  But I am better on Skype where I can see the person face to face.  


Would you expect a personal trainer to offer their services fro free?  If the answer is no, then why would you expect a spiritual coach to do so?


Would you expect a stock broker to give you their time and knowledge for free?  If the answer is no, then why should tarot reader?


Would you expect someone to teach you how to upholster a coach from free?  If the answer is no, then why expect such of the person that would teach you how to build an altar?


I can go on, but I'm sure you get the idea.  And as with anything when it comes to consumerism, it's important for buyers to follow the old adage of "buyer beware." 

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