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I understand that going to the otherworld is a bit hard at first. I'd tired it a couple of times but still having a little trouble with it. Can anyone help me a little.

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Clarify a little please?

How i get to the state when you relax knowing im starting off. its still a bit hard to tell when i am in that state. I've tired it a few times and the 3rd time it made me off.

Hi Abigail,


I think what might be confusing to some folks is that there are a variety of different "otherworlds", "altered states", and the like. Without knowing what your ultimate goal is, it can be difficult to advise the best methods for getting there. For instance, are you looking to achieve a trance state, astral travel, astral projection, lucid dreaming, guided meditation, qabalistic pathworking, tarot pathworking, another form of meditative state, underworld work, overworld work, etc. 


In essence, what is your goal for what you are trying to do?

And to add to the complexity, what one person calls one thing, someone else might call something else--there's no standard terminology. ;)
Im trying to seek ways into helpping me move forward on my path

What path are you currently looking to follow?


Abigail Roman said:

Im trying to seek ways into helpping me move forward on my path
The Summerland? Interesting choice, but I support your right to embrace it.
Im not sure
Summerland? Can you explain please i so new to this

Arimesis said:
The Summerland? Interesting choice, but I support your right to embrace it.
The question that you asked was ambiguous. "otherworld" can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. It can be the Akashic realm, it can be one of many plains of vibratory reality, it can be the lucid realm in dreaming, it can be a drug-induced alternate reality, or even the Summerland, where many of us go after death to plan our next incarnation. You have left a lot of room for interpretation of your question, for what I have given you here is just a small sample of possibilities.

Depending on what sort of spirituality you are looking at, it is more important to learn how to be alive, present, and in tune with the world you are currently in instead of looking to try and go somewhere else.


That brings it back to the original question of what are you trying to do, or where are you trying to go. There's nothing wrong with saying I don't know. However, if you don't know, I'd suggest taking some time to read through the discussions and topics all around this site. It will probably give you more questions, but they will likely be more directed questions that will allow you to get some of the answers that you're looking for. :)


yeah it makes sense but i get im trying to find out is where do i go from here as a wiccan/ pagan ive been off and on it and i want to keep going with it but i dont know where to start and i read about pathworking and really want to find out where do i go on from here. I learning how to cast a circle and i cast one i was waiting for the right moment and thinking i should do it on the up coming sabbat. So i figure id learn how to do pathworking and find out what can i do next in on path. I'm glad you all are helpping me and everything but I dont know what to do from where. Thinking and knowing pathworking might help me in anyway.

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