Let's take a moment to mention musicians/bands that are pagan, heathen or occult-influenced and share them with the community. So, who have you heard that's good? What band would you recommend to others? Can you give a brief review with your recommendations?

A number of them can be found on youtube, and purchased through their private labels or through iTunes or eMusic. Please support these people through the purchase of their music so they can continue to put out the music!

May the Gods Preserve Pagan Music!

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Wendy Rule - deep, resonate, passionate, powerful, intoxicating. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I often listen to "Creator/Destroyer"
Omnia - excellent musicianship, versatile - too many to pick a favorite, I really love it all
Damh the Bard - wonderful songs, deeply moving, spiritual "Land, Sea and Sky" is a favorite.
Lindie Lila - gentle, relaxing, moving
Emerald Rose - fun, can dance to it, energetic "Fairies stole my keys" - favorite
Brooke Medicine Eagle - just generally like her
Ubaka Hill - artistic, passionate, feminine, powerful
Leah Wolfsong - great songs for circle and ritual, lots of what she sings seems to be popular, but people might not realize she sings it.
SJ Tucker/Skinny White Chick - folksy, interesting, I love her song "Hymn to Herne"
Celia - composed the "theme" to the Veteran's Pentacle Quest - look up "Symbol" by her if you haven't heard it.
Laura Powers - generally enjoyable, bit lighter and more gentle sound
Loreena McKennitt - lots of poetic and pagan-inspired stuff
Libana - lots of chants that most seem to know and use
Nebelhexe/Hagalaz Runedance - dark, pulsing, strong, love her song "Hel - Goddess of the Underworld"
Lisa Thiel - Lots of chants to be used for ritual, good songs

If you go to youtube and do a search for the user: Keep Music Pagan you'll come up with a lot of good ones to listen to. Thanks for starting this, Sang. I love music and sharing it. This isn't everything -- not by a longshot -- but it's what first came to mind when reading this :) Have fun listening and searching for more.
There's three good ones that immediatly come to mind.

Legend A band based in Wales, whose music (if I can make more mainstream comparison) reminds me much of Nightwish, yet retaining an electricity in their music that is intimately theirs. And, awesome. Most of the band members are Alexandrian Wica and, coincidently their owner and keyboardist is also a member of this community, but I won't be a paine and call him out. ;-)

Damh the Bard Seriously a bard. I nearly convert to Druidry whenever I listen to his music, lol. Awesome songs, mostly original with some folk songs of the UK. I happened upon his music by accident on eMusic and have been a fan since then.

TruSpirit For you heathens that feel not all Norse music should be black metal, these guys from the Northern US play some good, original folk-style music. Their only online presence, to my knowledge, is a Myspace page where you can hear some of their music. I am kinda partial to 'Red Thor', myself. Good music.
Good list, Serpent, and I browse that youtube channel a lot! Many of the musicians there can be found through www.paganmusic.co.uk , if anyone wants to purchase CDs. I will add one more, however, I am uncertain if THEY are pagan, but damn near all of their music is very much so.

Therion One of my favorite rock bands of all time, this Euro band began quite heavy but now tends to fall into the genre of 'symphonic metal'. They have numerous albums and a decent following in Europe, nearly every song is infused with mythology or occult symbolism.
I don't know if they are pagan or not...but I love Celtic Woman!!!
Oh, if you like straight up drumming, also look into Mystic Fire a small pagan drumming ensemble from Virginia Beach, VA. I have been to several drum circles there and heard them play and they are good. To my knowledge, they remain unsigned with two albums out, with a presence on Myspace.
I'm a huge fan of a number of the folks on Serpent's list - Damh the Bard, S.J. Tucker (check out Tricky Pixie, too.)

A few I haven't seen mentioned yet:
Heather Dale : lots of myth and legend stuff (I adore her "Medusa", and her "Sedna" in particular)
Kellianna - lots of goddess chant music, and some other lovely pieces.
Gaia Consort and The Bone Poet Orchestra (many of the same people, the latter is their newer project)
Abbi Spinner McBride - amazing fire dance music.
Jaiya - lovely seasonal pieces.
Ruth Barrett - great chant, and lot of pieces very useful for ritual.
Kiva : very rich and lush chant you can get lost in.
Castalia : an Alexandrian HPS from Canada: her pieces include a number of settings of well-known Pagan texts, plus some lovely original stuff (harp and voice, mostly.)

And one slightly quirky one: Ruth McKenzie's _Kalevala: Dream of the Salmon Maiden_ Retelling of a tiny piece of the Kalevala myth using a lot of traditional Scandinavian harmonies and other patterns, sung in English. Haunting and I hear something new every time I listen.

I've also just discovered Sirens' Song: they started by singing at Ren Fests. A number of their pieces have a very strong nature and mythical slant, and fabulous harmonies.
There is a German band noone has mentioned yet-Faun. They can be found on youtube as well. The interpretations can be found on the lyrics sites. Egil Saga is one of their best. Its a traditional song about the use of runes updated.
And of course the Greek contribution in all this: Daemonia Nymphe!
i've been enjoying Iron and Wine for the past few days as well for their folksy easy listening musics...more to my style and appreciation to the ears... :P
Since nobody's mentioned Tool's album "Lateralus" I'll go ahead and throw it out there. It's full of occult references.
Someone who has not been mentioned (and who you MUST see Sang) is Tuatha Dea.
Oh, a local band! Thank you, Strata! Yes, yes I MUST see them, then!

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