So, here we have it, folks. Our place outside of the madness of the general OPC. All of the perks of similar forums, less of the nonsense. Enjoy it, and I do mean it as being 'ours'.

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Thanks to you all for creating this! Yay! I am so happy to be here!
Thanks for the site Sang! *hugs you, in a manly way* (",)
Thank you for the site Sang! Wonderful idea! I feel all specials that I was asked to join. annnddd All my friends are here YAY! -dances-
I'm so excited about this site. Thanks folks who brought it together.
What a dramatic way of bringing the magic back ... It is so uniquely you!!! Hugs for such an outstanding job!! Always MJ
:3 This is exactly what all of us needed.
I am so pleased to be invited. Frustration is never a good thing and it's even harder to try to learn within those constraints! So i'm tickled pick to be here and free to ask as many questions as I need to without worry about vamps, weres or other mythical beings!! *hugs Sang tight for this lil creation* Wonderful idea!!

Brightest Blessings
Much better.... Congrats!
Thank YOU, and everyone else, for joining us!

Cheers to the real world!
Thank you sang for this wonderful site, its such a relief to be able to come in and actually read in a forum... Something i haven't done in forever!!!!!

Glad to make so many new "serious" pagan friends, and to revive friendships with those who faded into the backdrop a bit as the craziness continued to grow *over there*

Turner, this is simply a new ning community for serious pagans and practitioners. It's free of the supernatural nonsense and playganism of some of the other sites, and will remain so. Many (most) are currently from WT. I'm not sure if we've picked up any from Pagan Space yet, but we are open for serious people from any and every where. I know for a fact we have picked up several from facebook and real life.

Bottom line, this is a community, but not an *all-accepting, blindly tolerating" one like some of the others. In this way, we hope to avoid much of the stress, drama, and burn-out we have encountered on other sites.

Turner Cain said:
Ok so this is a new ning community. So where are we all leaving or are we staying and this is a way for all to continue to be connected? I am guessing we all are from wiccan together or pagan space ?
Like Strata said, this site is designed to be a break from the norm of the OPC. It's both a bit more relaxed than some, a bit more 'down to earth' than most. Essentially, we want a place that can stimulate a more positive learning and social experience, for whatever reason a person may join us, without be elitist or catering to nonsense.

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