So, here we have it, folks. Our place outside of the madness of the general OPC. All of the perks of similar forums, less of the nonsense. Enjoy it, and I do mean it as being 'ours'.

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I think this a wonderful idea sweetpea!! :-*
Love it :) Good call, and good idea.. I'm going to call you later.
Yaaaaayyyyyy. Does the Kermit the Frog dance!
“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.” ~C.S. Lewis

Very very pleased to be here:))
Glad to be here! :)
This is great! Such a relief. :)
Yay for shiny new Pagan sites! I seriously love you guys for this!
Bellia...I was hoping you would make it over here:))

Bellia Lopqi said:
Hugs to you! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this. What a relief to be able to maybe learn a few things from the wise ones without all the ridiculousness.

Blessed Be!
Brilliant Idea Sang! Thank you so much for bringing it into being!
Thanks to everyone that has thusfar joined our group! In a matter of hours, it has went from shades of gray to an explosion of colors and content! This is teamwork in its finest. Together, we can make this the best arm of the OPC ever- scratch that, it already is, because of you guys. Thank you all so so much!
Knock on Wood;)....sorry I can't help my superstitious self:P

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