Happy Anniversary, Realpagan!


Saturday, November the 5th, will be our first year anniversary!  We've really come a long way and have grown in friendships that may have not been found elsewhere.  We've shared our spiritual growths and wanes and have had some wonderful, thought-provoking dialogues throughout our forums, group and the chatroom.  At 856 members, we may have not grown the fastest amongst the other guys in the OPC, but we've come a long way in quality and that quality will always be more important than quantity.  The truth is that the quality in this network has met and exceeded my original expectations and I look forward to many more anniversaries in our future.


To each and every one of the 856 of you guys, I thank you for making this corner of the world wide web the awesome place that it is!


Best Regards,


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Wow I can't believe it's been so long already...there, I said it now no one else can! j/k


I've found my time here extremely fulfilling in many ways. I've made friends here I'll never forget and hope never to lose. I've learned a lot about myself. Thanks to everyone!

Quality over quantity indeed! 
Thanks to all for making this the cozy place it is ;D

 Well as one of the 856 I want to thank you Sangraal and your(our) crack staff here that has help you build our grand corner of the mystical land of ones and zeros.  I would also like to thank All my fellow members that have over the last year work very hard themselves to build some mighty fine groups here at Real Pagans  I also wish to thanking them(my fellow members) for all the grand thing folks have shared with us in the great Discussions and Blogs.

 It has been a wonderful first year Sang an you have open the door to all of us.

   Now I don't want any one to think I'm about to go off and get all warm and fuzzy here.I will have to say that this site to me has been far more helpful in my own personal(spiritual growth(now if I could just get my spelling suss out) than I would have ever imagined the night I joined .


 So I guess its time to clear out the barn  roast up a fine feast break out the Mead and Rum, Call up the band , An get this party stated "Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler Y'all"


I appreciate the community here and hope to learn from y'all for a long time to come!
Remember, remember, the 5th of November...


Pop open the champagne...

Let the Balloons float through the air...

Join one and all, in wishing Real Pagan a wonderful first year......


To the one who brought the thought of a new community to life, as in the past ,present, and future, Huge Hugs Darlin Sang, for all the thoughts and emotional components that helped you create this.

To those that worked with him and brought it to life:Hats off for the work, time, effort, and most of all the heart that went into creating this community.

To those that upon their invitation to join in the kick-off of Real Pagan, jumped at the chance to be a part of such a place;for recognizing the knowledge and fellowship that would become the heart of Real Pagan. 

To those that have found their way to the doorsteps of Real Pagan, amongst the various Pagan sites found in the world of the internet, you've brought a reminder of why this community came into being.

To one, to all..........

Thank you for becoming part of Real Pagan!


May the future hold continued growth for the Real Pagan Community.......

Blessings     MJ )O(

Happy Anniversary Real Pagans, Thank you for giving me so much to think about, so much useful information and some new friends....a blessed place
Also, Doc Brown invented the flux capacitor on Nov 5th.  A truly auspicious day!

Happy Anniversary Baby (To be sung in the breathless style of Marilyn Monroe)


Thanks to everyone who make this place the place to be!!!!

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