Simple Ostara Rite

Ostara is a time of balance and the light is returning to our lives, so it is a good time to shake off the old and bring in something new.  Spring is upon us and life is beginning to spring anew and in abundance.

This is a very simple ritual designed to be performed by anybody to mark the Sabbat in a simple and undemanding way. This is not intended to be any way definitive and is merely a suggestion as to how a simple ritual can mark an event. This can be performed indoors or out.

You will need 3 candles. One Green, One Yellow and one Purple.  (You can use three white candles if coloured candles are an issue.) A small bowl of milk and a small bowl of honey and you only need small quantities of both.

Prepare your sacred or working space as you would do normally.

Begin by taking a moment to focus on all around you. Think of the season, what Spring means to you and the environment where you live. Whether it is the city or the country there are signs all around you of the turning of the wheel of the year.

Light the Green Candle, which symbolises new growth, and focus on the new growth in the world around you and also of any new growth in your life, this should include any hopes or aspirations you may have for the coming season or indeed the long term future.  If you enjoy using words as part of your rite then you can say or prepare something to use here. If not silent contemplation is fine.

Light the Yellow Candle, this symbolizes the returning Sun. Reflect on what the returning light means to you, absorb the new light and warmth and the promise that is brought by the returning light. You can use words or prose here if desired. 

Light the Purple Candle which symbolises the divine within us all, whether you call a God or Goddess, whether you identify by name or simply as a universal life force is entirely up to you. Simply ask for the divine to guard, guide and protect you through the coming season. To give you the strength and wisdom to achieve the goals you have in your life and to remove any negativity or hindrance from your life. Again feel free to write or utilise some words if you wish.

Take time to meditate upon the three candle flames and the meaning of the sabbat and the impact it has upon your life in general and as a Pagan. Take time to reflect on what you have achieved so far and also on what you want to achieve in the coming months. Remember it is a time of balance so it is important to reflect upon both the positive and negative aspects equally. Again feel free to use words if that is what is comfortable.

Finally blend the milk and honey together, gently. This  is your thanks for all the blessings you have received and those yet to come. Many folks use words at this point even if not before. If you are working  outside, you can make your invocation whilst pouring the offering on the ground. If working indoors you will need to take the offering outside at some point.

When the moment feels right close your sacred space and ground yourself.

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