One question made of three words, One answer made of three sentences...

A dear friend of mine, just recently lost her brother to cancer...During this past week of preparing for the services, we have had many conversations that have been sparked by a simple question.

                              What is Life?

During our last conversation, (the eve before the services), she asked if I could give her my definition of life in three sentences. The following is how I answered her:



Life is a series of threads, all made up of individual experiences and those individuals that have graced our lives; when all these threads begin to be woven together, they start to build, what I refer to, as the tapestry of life.

Within it each tapestry, there is a multitude of colors/shapes/pictures, each representing a specific object, emotion, event, relationship, or person.

The final outcome of the tapestry is never a design set in stone, since we never know how our lives are going to be influenced by the decisions we make, the events that will have occurred, or the people that will enter or leave our lives.


Now I would like to pose this question to all those interested, how would you define life in three sentences?

Blessed Be MJ )O(


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 I often have the ability to rant/ramble... that was her reason for three sentences....LOL.. She knows me well, for we have often discussed this topic in one aspect or another.. Yet, for her, right now, she needed the condensed version..... Thank you for responding  Blessed Be,  MJ )O(

Sarah said:

Unfortunately, I cannot really answer your question since I am the type of person that likes to ramble a bit, so I think for me it would be impossible to define what life is in just three sentences (bit of chatter-box I am). However, I love your definition and I think it is a fine one. It's a very well-thought-out answer.
Life is the time that we spend here on this planet, at this time, with these people. It is a learning experience, one that never ceases, from the moment we are conceived, to the moment we exhale our very last breath. Each life is merely a chapter in the neverending story of our existence, and we are all recurring characters... remember that.


 I'm not about to off an try an go off get all profound and run off at the fingers like a side wall preacher. I look at Life Like a good fishing hole that is deep an well stock The thing(in life) is it not about the bait or about the catch. I would say it about how y'all fish. Mr BK had a brilliant point in his post. We are all in a way (in my words) just cosmic extra in this grand movie.

I guess I'd dare to say from the time we get slap on the ass to the time some one says a few last words over you. I'm a guessing it about how we as person enjoy the ride and how we play with other in the park we call life.

MJ to be bloody honest I have no clue, but if I had to bet a dollar that where I'd put it. As most folk around here know a good mud hole is deep then I am. This is just my o'l Florida cracker way of looking at my life.


 "As a editorial point of view very few brain cells were killed in writing this post"







My short and simple answer that could probably be more explained, but the answer is different for all and this is the shortest for me.


Beautifully stated my friend...Have to tell you, the three sentences couldn't have been more you , especially since you had included.... "remember that"... ..HUGS!!!!!!....Thank You! MJ )O(



"I look at Life Like a good fishing hole that is deep an well stock The thing(in life) is it not about the bait or about the catch. I would say it about how y'all fish.

I'm a guessing it about how we as person enjoy the ride and how we play with other in the park we call life."

Have to tell you my friend, both of these jumped out, for they reflect the Daniel, I have come to enjoy reading and appreciate....Thank You and Hugs!!!!!    MJ )O(



Sometimes, what we view as short and simple, in the eyes of another, can hold more meaning than we ever imagine.... Thank You!!!!  Blessed Be  MJ )O(

-According to the Allegory of the Cave (though not it's primary purpose), there is ultimate truth and we are trying to decipher it... so if life must serve a purpose, it is a chance to find truth, after all we simply know somethings we cannot prove.

-To add a bit of Einstein with my own twist, the only reason we must live in time itself at all is so that everything doesn't happen at once... an organization to our learning madness if you will.

-According to Orson Scott Card's Philotic Connection basis for many of his books, to love, though this may just be a lesson in Plato's truth or simply beneficial over all... so a lesson in morality perhaps.


C'mon, gotta give credit for stretching out the sentences... I had alot to say XD


The world is laid before you, to challenge you to think and act... to learn and grow... and to become the man you are destined to be.... Never forget that......Love Mom



Totally will give you credit for stretching the sentences.... basically, because you worked to provide references to those things that have impacted your beliefs, showing a development of your understanding!!!!!!!!! to having alot to say..... tell me, is this something you truly thought I didn't know already....LOL I highly doubt that.............Hugs and Blessed Be  MJ )O(

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