Hello, I'm from Northern California and I'm new to RealPagan.net. I am centered on Religio Romana and dabble in witchcraft from time to time ;). This being said, I am slightly eclectic and feel as though the gods will present themselves to you in whatever form you need them in, so sometimes I do gravitate towards other pantheons. My husband is Norse Pagan and apparently so is most of the pagan community near where I live, so I feel left out a lot of the time. I believe an open dialogue with other practicing pagans/polytheists is important for ones interpersonal spiritual health is important and hope to achieve just that through this community. 

Thank you so much for our time,

Arielle Noël 

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Thank you for the welcome. 

Ashe Isadora said:

Hi!  Welcome.  I used to live in the SF Bay Area myself, then transplanted to Kansas (!). Ca is a good place to meet other pagans, enjoy.  Nice to meet you.

Greeting and Salutations Arielle . Welcome to Real Pagan Network.

Did you have a Roman Viking wedding? Welcome to the forum.

Yes we did. :) I have some pictures of the handfasting. It was a nice ceremony. 

ren said:

Did you have a Roman Viking wedding? Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to RP!

Greetings! and welcome to RP

BB, MC - Liz xx

Welcome indeed!

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