Merry meet! I am new here and to this path. I have a friend who has introduced me to Wicca and I am trying to read and learn as much as I can. I come from a Catholic background and i knew that was not the path for myself. I really feel this is the path for me and i am enjoying every minute of everything that i am reading and learning. I want to thank my dear friend! I just wanted to say hello to everyone out there! Blessed Be :) Cynthia

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:D Im so glad you are here. I really believe you would have found your way to this path without anyone's help! BB Lea
Welcome, Cynthia! Without trying to display too much of a bias here, I gotta say that you found the right network in which to get a good footing in your journey! I hope you'll join us in our forums and chat-- and, if you would like to know something, it's as easy as asking.

Again, welcome! :)
Bright Greetings Cynthia. Welcome to Real World Pagan Network. Enjoy your stay I think you will like it here.
Hi Cynthia.  Welcome to the forums and to finding your spiritual path.  I've been Wiccan for nearly 30 years now.  If thee is anything I or any of the other Wiccans around here can help you with you have only to ask.

Welcome! I'm relatively new, myself. I have no doubt that you'll love it here!



Welcome to the best forum on the internet!!
Welcome. I'm new here too, but quite enjoying it.
Welcome to the site!

Welcome Cynthia!  May you find what you're looking for....we are the best forum on the 'net




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