I'm new here, this is my intro post. Hi. I'm Naya, I've been practicing the Craft since 1994, and I was initiated, earned my third degree, and continue to work within a traditional Wicca framework. I live in Memphis, TN with the love of my life, and we run a small coven and training grove here.

I love writing, talking to the many spirits in the world around me, creating art, web design, reading like a fiend, urban exploration, renovating my beautiful 100 year old house, social media, reading Tarot, rabble rousing, photography, and taking apart technological things to see what makes them work. I dislike politics, people who talk because they like the sound of their own voice, prohibitionist mentalities and attitudes of entitlement.

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I'm still exploring.  There's a lot here!  I like what I'm seeing, though.

Katarina Ana said:
Welcome aboard dive right in.Were real freindly here.
Bright Greetings an Salutations Naya Aerodiode.

Welcome to RP Naya and so nice to meet you!



Bendithion Naya,


Welcome to RP.  There's a ton of info here and a ton of lovely friendly people to help you out wherever you need it!


-Jen {The Pesky Pixie}

Welcome Naya, make yourself at home

Blessings and Welcome,

May you make new friends and enjoy your journey as you discover of all RP has to offer... We all call it home, and hope that as time continues, you find you do the same.....Blessed Be MJ )O(

Welcome, Naya! I really hope that you find it to your liking here-- we strive to provide the best network experience within the community. If you ever need anything, one of us is always around the corner. Blessings. :)

Hey Naya! I just now saw your post but I remember seeing you in the TN group. Hope you like it here...I know I do!

Blessings to  you and yours.

Thanks... You guys seem like pretty nice people.
Hi Naya,  I was wondering whether (since you're in Memphis) you had ever gone to any of the Summerland Grove gathers.  If so we may have crossed paths there.
Rarely - I've gone once or twice and I know some of the folks in SG. I built their web site. I went to FoS once. I'm just not into big public stuff.




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