Was looking through the pages and was fairly surprised I did not see one on names. If I missed it please help me find it. I am very big on names and the power within. Both of my children were named after studying for the full 7 months. (I never find out im pregnant till month 2) And I do believe in a situation my daughter recently encountered that it was my choice in names and her strong fighting spirit that saved her. Any one commenting on the power of names is certainly welcome. And as I said if I just missed the page would some one point me in the right direction. Thank you

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Interesting post. 

I do believe there is power in a name, yes, be it the one we are given by our Parents, "nick-names" given to us by our friends at school or colleagues at work, or wherever, or the ones we take on as our craft names.

I too did a lot of study when I was expecting my children and settled on the ones I felt would best serve them for those reasons, and I think I got it right! (So far, anyways...)

The kind of people I come from traditionally give each child 3 names, the one that appears on the birth registers, the formal one, if you like, then there's one that is only to be known and used in the clan or tribe, usually something like a totem animal or a flower for instance, (think of it as a term of endearment) and then there's the really secret one that is only to be known and used by the actual bloodline family...  this stems out of the belief it will protect the child from "bad spirits".  More than that, I cannot tell you because I don't really understand it fully myself.

All else I have to say on the matter is that there is much put-down of those who would call themselves ElvenFae SparkleyWings, or whatever, or Goddess This or Goddess That...  but, really, who are we to judge?

My craft name is simple, I am a Crone, and I am ruled by the Moon, and it works for me!

Thank you very much for your comment. I love hearing other people opinions and experience with things. I am curious. I have been doing study for probably 15 years now but there are such an array of topics it is very difficult to make heads or tails. Would a name that is stuck deeply in your soul and head that you just can't shake would be a craft name? I unfortunately cannot claim to be a traditional Pagan seeing as no one in my previous family studied. So there is no handing down of tradition. Please forgive my ignorance.

Here I'm known by my craft name, a name that I took a longtime considering..I dislike my given name, because it is very dated, but wouldn't change it as that would cause my parents stress [ they are both elderly]..My daughters name was the only name that both my husband and I could agree on :) It suits her

Raven asked "Would a name that is stuck deeply in your soul and head that you just can't shake would be a craft name?"

If you so wish... Some might argue you need to be given a craft name by a coven High Priestess or whatever, but as far as I am concerned, it's really up to you. 

All I would add is "go well" in your chosen craft name! BB, MoonCrone, Liz xx

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