This eve,  I had the opportunity to respond to a young lady who had been told she was not a proper witch due to her lack of "tools" & "proper technique".... I sat, and thought a bit about about what a very wise man shared with me..... I thought I would share my response here.... It may, or may not, lead others to offer input, to those who are starting off on their journey.....

Merry Meet .....

The only true tool ever needed is INTENT...... whether you have an Altar beautifully decorated and equipped with all the so called "tools of the craft", or simply words spoken from your heart, your message is going to be heard.... There is nothing more magical, than what is within.... if you use that, there is no wrong... for no one should stand in judgement of the purity of what is within, other than you ......What you physically have, is just a tiny part.... what is surrounding you, again, just a tiny part..... What is magical? Now, that is the biggest part..... That is what is within.....Blessings on your journey and stay true to what is within, for it will take you far...

<3 Merry Part MJ )O(

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Beautifully said. It's a message that needs to be spread out there more. Blessed be Kim

People easily forget that the principles of magic were laid by people who didnt have beautifully ornate altars, tools, and rituals, at their disposal...

I am among those who believe that you do need to have some tools to inform the universe of what your intent IS.  Yes, intent is incredibly important, and your choice of tools, their energy,are tools that communicate the changes that you wish to take place, whether spiritual changes or mundane changes.  Your altar and tools need not be expensive or ornate. And in a pinch you can make substitutions or do without. Witches are nothing if not pragmatic!  But most witches, especially the newly minted, need to use tools if they can.

I would not have the audacity to tell someone they are not a real witch.That seems rude. But unless they are specifically trained in a path or tradition that works magic with the mind alone they do not have optimal chances for success. To tell a student or new witch that tools are unnecessary to me seems like Professor Harold Hill's "Think Method.".

I'm sorry but I disagree with you Serafina...I believe that if you put limits as to how you can do something then you build up limits in other areas...Yes, tools can and are very helpful...especially for the new witch...but then I spend time training my students in the use of their mind...this isn't as hard as it may I have I help and instruct my students in their use...yes...but I also teach them that they don't need to go out and buy up all the tools that a witch may wish to use all at once so they can do their first spell or the end if they have all the tools, fancy or not, they can't do squat if they don't have their mind under control and can focus on their intent

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