This post is stemming out of another post Herbs in the Dark and order to not take away from that discussion with me hijacking it altogether with my inquiring of Morning Glory Seeds and what others think about it's properties.  I'm placing it here.

Now, as far as my understanding *some* herbs that are use for crossing/hexing are baneful and *some* others are noticeably black in color. When pondering upon this, the thought of morning glory seeds came into mind. So I'm running this train of thought all by you.

The morning glory seeds are black and toxic, however when doing a quick search on properties there doesn't seem to be any suggestions that they would be used in a crossing way.

Happiness, peace, visions and protection against nightmares is what I am finding in regards to the morning glory and it's seed. I can understand the whole peace and happiness that it would bring, if I would partake in consuming the seed in which I have never done, nor would I recommend. However, aside from that, I personally don't view this vine to be anything near happy at all. Ok, maybe the occasional hummingbird that indulges in the nectar of it's bell shaped flowers. Other than that, I find it to be an obnoxious vine.

Morning Glories are very much considered invasive and even listed in certain states to be a noxious weed and planting should be avoided. One vine can produce hundreds of seeds and once you have one, they are very hard to get rid of. I know, I have been fighting the Morning Glory for 8 yrs. now. They are every where. I even have them growing out of pots that have fresh soil placed in them. These vines look for something to climb up on endangering other plants because they twist around other plants, basically choking them.

So I don't know, giving this, what do you all think in regards to the properties of Morning Glories and it's seeds?


I'm going to work now, I'll look forward to reading your responses tomorrow morning.




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Actually, no THC, but rather random small percentages of the alkaloid LSA, and only then within certain strains. Because the percentage varies even from vine to vine, and LSA itself can be lethal, its application within entheogenic context is extremely discouraged. Historically, it's not even been used as a cultural psychoactive, so there's really not much worthwhile discussion on it within this context.

Otherwise, I am unaware of magical application., a favorite resource of mine on this subject, does not even have it listed... Besides being a nuisance, I still find them very lovely.

Katarina Ana (Wolfes Bane) said:
I to am cursed with morning glory vines every where hadto poisen the flower beds and rototill last fall just to get ride of the things.On a side note morning glory is very high in thc the same as in canabus.There is a process you have to go about to get it out of the plant.Too much work.

Perhaps one thing to consider with morning glory.. is its relation to high john the conqueror roots and sweet potato?


I feel for yo  though... It took me years to get rid of "old growth Morning Glory," that was at a place I was renting...   I finally did. 


Then the landlord started being a jerk so I said forget it, and started cultivating it, fertilizing it and so on...   That whole yard, to this day, looks like it was setup to farm the stuff :D 

ps: I moved this to the Secret Garden :)

Next question, does ones internal feelings and views of a particular herb or plant change the magical application of it?  





Flammeous, to me it does, 100%.


There are some plants which I relate to certain things, that others do not...  anything thorny, for instance, or prickly.  Things that are tough as nails etc. 


I've used some such things when doing something, that weren't in their "recommended uses." 


I think those recommended uses are more like, "To most, it means..."   The same goes with whether or not an herb's magical use is related to it's medicinal.

It is true that morning glory are hard to get rid of but i still love them mostly because my grandmother had a wall of morning glory covering her front porch it was thousands of flowers each morning with the sunlight shining through it. It was a beautiful site and very peaceful to me as a child as i spent every weekend with her. She also grew Iris so those 2 flowers still make me feel her near when i see them. She was very in tune with the earth, and influenced me deeply as a child. I cannot dislike the morning glory it is entrenched in my most loving childhood memories.

Oh the Morning Glory it look so lovely in someone else yard The blooms can be almost breath taking to see but it can be full of nasty waspy and spiders when the vine grow to full cover . We had it all over our place as  child my grand parent had a plant nursery in Florida where I grew up and they sold it up until the mid 70's it try to take over.

 It a worthy opponent I have seen it drive folk to all but dynamite to rid their property of this pesky vine only the Chinese lantern vine or kudzu could be harder to kill.

 I myself really don't use it I did at one time have a man that bought seed from me  he use them in his folk art some how he dry them and use them like beads he also used castor seed.

The only "magical" way I have ever seen it use and that was just the flower were if it was growing in old grave yard and the flowers were used in making garlens.

 I have  heard folk get pretty sick from just cutting out the plant or pulling on it root ball and getting the sap in open cuts on their hand it also a wise idea to stay down wind if you are burn it in a brush pile fire. the smoke can make feel sick or in some case kill you if you breath to much.

 Again I say Oh the Morning Glory it look so lovely in some else yard.!!!!!!!

I've known a couple of people who ingested the seeds and also tried smoking them with marijuana.  They said they "sorta, kinda tripped".  One got sick; the other said he didn't feel very sick but also didn't trip very hard at all.  That's probably because of what Sangraal said about the distribution of LSA being random.  Neither of them thought the experience was worth it.

I also love morning glories, which we were able to keep well under control in our yard growing up - but that was probably with pesticides, which I wouldn't use.

If you do not ingest it, morning glory can be a good underworld or shadow plant ally, along with other things you should be careful with like belladonna or mugwort.  It can also - again if you're careful and don't ingest it - help with lucid dreams and astral projection.

I have done some research on this root and plant as well, since it is not available in my country.

There are a lot of different plants in the Ipomoea family. The one you want for High John's is the Ipomoea Jalapa or the Ipomoea Purga. Morning glory is part of the family, but I don't know if it's seed is High John's.

I also found this;

Low John is the root of the trillium or wake-robin, Trillium grandiflorum. It is carried on the person for assistance in family matters. It is also known as Dixie John or Southern John, and additionally is the basis for a hoodoo formula called Dixie Love Oil.

"Chewing John" is galangalAlpinia galanga – a member of the ginger family. This is chewed much as chewing tobacco is chewed, to sweeten the breath and to calm the stomach. It is said that if you spit the juice from chewing this root onto the floor of a courtroom before thejudge enters, you will win your case. Other names for this root are Little John and Little John to Chew. (This is called "Low John" in the Deep South.)



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