Last month I finally achieved my 3rd in the Gardnerian tradition. It feels wonderful to say the least. I did have a few days of panic afterwards thinking "well what's next?", but since I have already been running an outer court just shy of a year, and most likely about to hive before this year is out - it was a silly question. It was a momentary panic about what felt like an end to a personal step.  I think it interesting though that these outburts from me tend to happen after any type of  achievement be it spiritual, educational , or even general life steps. I did the same thing years ago when I finished college - heck even when I got married. I panicked afterwards on where'd we go next, but not before like most do. I don't know if I am the only one who internally hyperventilates after a goal is met out there, but I'd like to think not. Sometimes I can't help my silly knee jerk emotional reactions is all. 


To the point - no matter what stage anyone is in learning will never stop. People no matter what life path they've chosen will always change and grow eternally. I have so much information and skills to hone it's impossible to choose where to start. That is the main thought I was left with after I got over the proud shock and panic. It got me thinking besides my coven (which I learned from so we have the same format and similar personal tricks since we have worked so long & close together) I do not really have anyone else to talk to about how they teach outer court, what techniques they use (the un-oath bound ones of course), what beliefs one might hold, overall no one to really talk to or get inspired by in general.


I know that is what this site is all about, and I haven't used it fully because I guess I never saw a true need until now. I know I joined a while ago, but I hadn't reached that outward seeking stage beyond my coven. There comes a point in a magical path that the tree has to branch out even more to reach the sun above. It's just as when you realize that solitary work can only give you so much, and one begins to find their magical family. So, I am opening myself up completely to see who else is really around me. That is where I am now. Besides the 3 HPS' in my coven (me included) I know of no other Gards in the midwest-ish area. I am in Omaha, NE. Of course I would be ecstatic to find other gards around here, but in truth I would be just as thrilled to meet anybody or group who is willing to start a friendship. I just dream of a grand community where like minded witches can gather for eclectic sabbat rituals or simple community events like picnic meet and greets etc etc. I already help run a local community here which has been very successful, but it's for all occult groups across the board. I love all the people (most are like family to me now) and influences there, but still dream of a craft community more. 


I know it is ingrained in most of us to stay hidden publicly, and I do respect that choice immensely. For even though it's the 21rst century we all know what can really happen if too much information is given out. Jobs can be lost, ex-spouses can use it against you sometimes even legally, and many more ugly possibilities sadly. Yet, I am here to say I am ready to at least let myself be known to the few that share the desire to find one another. If this sounds appealing to anyone, or you just want to chat I would love either. Mind though I am not looking for new members to add to my line. This would strictly be for a mix match of traditions & minds to come together since there are such very opportunities to do so. 


Also if you are interested to get to know me better I created a facebook public figure page:

Lady Eos

I am just starting it now, but I plan on sharing rituals, poems, photos from myself, my outer court members, and the information I can from the greats that have come before.


If you made it through this thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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