Greetings,my name is Sage. I am from Newfoundland Canada and have been following the path since high school. I admit that I have many more things to learn, as most of what I have learned has come from books and other websites. I am happy that I have found this website, one that allows me to explore and learn more of my faith, and ask questions of many people from all different paths in life.
Blessed be!

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What's up, Sage? What's new in your life? What God or Gods be lurking around you? Do I get a prize if I guess correctly?

Greetings. It is nice to know that I have a received warm welcome to the site, from a few people. I follow a Greek and Roman path, although in the past I have prayed to other forms of the God and Goddess's when I have researched other paths. I am really want to learn some kitchen witch practice as a professional chef. I feel very much at home in the kitchen and want to be able to add more magick into my life. How is everyone one else? What paths do you follow? Take care!

Welcome, Sage! Kind of a quiet place here but friendly and comfy and certainly there is a wealth of info to mine. Dive on in!


 Greeting an Salutation Sage Wolfe Welcome to Real Pagan Network.  Well I see you have already joined a few groups that great, there lots to read here in our little corner of the net an as Ferne and Ashe Isadora have said there are a lot of grand folks here that will be more then happy to help you.  All you have to is ask. enjoy yourself looking forward to seeing you around on the boards.

Merry Meet and welcome to RP

from MoonCrone xx

Bright blessings, Sage, and welcome to RealPagan!

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