So I am really getting into the depths and aspects of mediation and I was wondering if there were any great recommendations for medication music? There seems to be a wide range and variety to choose from so I was hoping for a little guidance on the matter. Any recommendations?

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Mediation, medication, or meditation? ;)

Did you try youtube? Just type in "meditation music" and see what comes up. You can even look for specific types of music, like "elemental meditation," or "chakra meditation," etc.

As long as it's a calm music with a steady beat, I guess. I never use music myself, I tend to listen to my breathing - best meditation sound ever. :)


I have a LOT of different music that I use, though most of it I use for sleep! I do agree with looking on youtube. When I'm back at my own computer I'll comment again with some of the tracks I use myself :)

Do you prefer music with words or without? 

I'd recommend creating your own pandora music station. It's free and you can tweak it as you listen to various kinds of meditation music. I have one that I use exclusively for meditation and it's a delight.

Ben Gruagach is good!! For the talking ones!

And i enjoy Matt Ender's Ancient Isle disc for instrumental as well as Dan Gibson :)

Hope you find what you're looking for :) x

It really depends on what you like and what works for you. I did the youtube thing and found different variations. Tried different things until I found what I liked. I find it depends on my mood, but I often switch off between Native American flute and drum and Nature sounds with background music. 

For non-verbal ones, David Arkenstone is probably one of the most prolific composers alive whose music is almost universally good for meditation.

I agree it very much depends on what music you like, and what you want to meditate for, perhaps...

If you've no clues where to start, you might like to check out some of the ones I like the most...

Kruder & Dorfmeister's "EastWest", The Portishead remix of Bjork's "Isobel", Lemon Jelly's "In the bath," Groove Armada's "At the River", Deva Premal's "Gayatri Mantra," "Sasha Lazard's "Ode to Innocense", Kula Shaker's "Govinder", Deva Premal's "Rasa Govinda," Sasha Lazard's "Awakening", Kula Shaker's "Tattva", Capercailie's "Inexile," Anjelelique Kidjo & Peter Gabriel's "Salala," Afro Celt Sound System's "Magic and Mayhem," Dreadzone's "Earth Angel," All Angel's "Songbird", Sinead O'Connor's "Sacrifice", Scala & Kolacny Brother's "Heartbeats"

I also like Celtic music, playing softly in the background when I meditate (and journey)... the soft, almost sad kind, with harps and whistful pipes... or some slow, calm Tim Wheater (flute)

It really all depends what mood I'm in, and what I hope the meditation will achieve.

I find that with music there is more distraction.  Generally I get better results with silence. With music we tend to focus on the melody, the feeling and similarly we measure time with it to keep us on track.  All of this really tends to work against the concept of meditation and control of ones self.

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