Last night I was meditating after lighting a candle in offering to Vesta as it was The Ides of Vestalia. I'll write more on this once I have fully written up my notes.


I left the candle to burn whilst I meditated, which is something I do regularly with candles so nothing now, except this time I had a "vision" of cats. Now I have had visions in my meditations as I've never been fully able to clear my mind, unless its for a full blown ritual. But this was different.


My offering went like this. "Vesta please accept my offering in honour, in recognision on this day", and I light the candle and went to meditate.


After a bit of time I kept getting cats of all colours and breeds floating about, some purred and some seemed to be rubbing themself up on me, during the meditation and a word 'Thank you' which I believe came from Vesta herself, but I can't find anything to say that cats are associated with her.


I did visit a cat shelter on Monday and this may have been my unconscious reminding me of this, but none of the cats in my meditation state resembled those in the shelter. I have also been thinking about writing a story based on a cat from that shelter, to help raise money for it.


I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this? Or is it simply my unconcious telling me to go ahead with the book.

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I have had dealings with Bast last year, so I suppose it could be her. I've meditated again to see if anything came about, but nothing more than my usual meditation state. It just be a gentle tap on the shoulder to see if I'm willing to accept her message again, as last time she came slowly.

Sacred animals aren't limited to select deities. For instance, Hekate is widely associated with dogs. Even though this has helped me lessen my phobia of them tremendously, She has *never* interacted with me through them. She does send lots of signs through cats though, especially black ones.


In your case, it could be that Vesta used this imagery that is fond to you. Also, look at the potential symbolism: cats can be linked to the "warmth" of a neat household, which is what Vesta governs. They can ensure its prosperity through various means (such as hunting pests) and they are fiercely protective of their families/packs. Furthermore, since you want to help raise money for a cat shelter, which can be stretched to be a "cat home" of sorts, Vesta could be showing her favour and gratitude regarding that.


That is not to say Bast couldn't be the one behind the vision. I just think the evidence points to Vesta more.

I meditated again last night and the same vision, though more warm came through, as if I was home, and this is the area that Vesta governs. This vision was clearer than the first, and was completely different style than my 1st encounter with Bast.


Dream visions I can understand a tad easier, visions from meditations confuse me a tad, as I've only rarely get visions in that state as I've just mastered it,


Thanks for the advice

I just saw a movie called "Black Death" about a group of witch hunters in the 14th century who are investigating a village that has escaped ravage during the Bubonic Plague.


Though there are no cats in the movie, I was reminded what my college professor had to say about it. Killing cats increased the rat population carrying fleas carrying the Bubonic Plague. This is still a plausible theory.


So, let's celebrate the cat as the protector of human kind.

This is a touching story. I have gotten into a plateu lately it seems. With work and college that I have gotten stuck going through the motions. I didrecently begin working with tarot again. Added 2 decks to my collection. I can't wait to get organized and have my own experiences like this again! Blessed Be.

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