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January's vlog challenge was simple enough:  "What I do".  This month's challenge takes it to a more personal level:  "What I believe."  Why do you practice what you do?  Why believe in such things?  What lead you up to the revelation that what you believe is authentically true for you?  What does it do for you?


Unlike last time, we're going to consolidate the videos and discussion to one thread. Just make sure replies to a video don't also include the video, so that one isn't repeated over and over again.

The time constraints didn't quite pan out well last time, lol, so we'll do away with it.  Let's do it like this:


1)  Keep the video length reasonable.  A 30 minute synopsis on your whole life story probably won't keep someone entertained to the end and a 5-second "Because I just do!" will leave us wanting more information.


2) Keep it on topic.  Talk about the basic ideal behind your beliefs. 


Like last time, I look forward to seeing your all's lovely faces (and hearing fantastic accents!), and hope that its even more successful than January's event.






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I think I might make a vlog for this challenge. However, it is going to take me a while. I was working on a sort of "creed" of beliefs for myself, and when I am done it would be awesome to be able to explain the ideal and reasonings behind it. :D I don't know how long it is going to take me to finish, but I think I can have it up by the last week of May. lol.
I am thinking of contributing. :) Still, I'll have to make two videos because I can't really discuss the WHY without the HOW! :D
I use Windows Movie Maker for my videos. It's free and pre-installed in all PCs as far as I know. Now, if you are using Mac, I have no idea!

Antecessus said:
I look forward to your vids, and I'm hoping I can come up with something myself. First though, I have to figure out how to edit videos lol. Aislynn suggested imovie, and after reading about it for a while, I don't think I can use it as I don't use apple products. Anyone know of any simple, free programs? If not free, a reliable cheap one? Thanks!
Slight change. Let's try both the discussion and videos on this one page.

Sad to inform everyone, but my entry will either be very late or non-existent. RL issues have sprung up for me preventing me from thinking properly about something like this. Sorry, but I am hoping to do it when everything calms down. I still look forward to watching everyone's whenever they are placed up. :)


BB, Fiachna

I don't have the ability to do a video, but I recently posted a blog to my page that discusses in some length my personal theological beliefs.  You can read it at

Wow, i'm a bit late for this, I've been so busy and not very active for a while ^^;


May i still contribute, when i can get a video together?


Another divebomb... >_< I understand, now, fully, why most pagans refer to Pagans as a group as Professional Procrastinators... I know I was. That, and putting words to such an amorphous concept is beyond my powers.


I have failed you all... ;_;

Yes, please do. Just because it's a different month does not mean the challenge is closed!
right, i have just now finished writing down what i believe. i needed to to help me with this, so i'm expecting to get the video recorded soon. I didn't forget!

Well here goes... not sure this is right, but hey, i tried ^^;

Sorry it's a bit all over the place, and not structured very well. i'm very bad at organization.

There's actually quite a bit i haven't elaborated on, like my animistic beliefs, and life energy and "consciousness" in everything around us and not just living things...  oops!

if anyone wants the ask me about anything, or to elaborate more on points, please ask, and i will do my best! 


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