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Merry meet to all!  I'm new to this site and also fairly new to paganism.  I've been reading and researching/learning about it for some time now as I wanted make sure it was the path I wanted to take.  I have recently left the Catholic Church, the only thing I've ever known my whole life, so it took a long time to make my decision.  I am so much happier now and with my husband by my side on this journey, I have never felt better.  I am looking forward to making friends and learning even more as I keep on my spiritual path.  I have found a strong pull toward nature, one that I have never noticed before and a new respect for the Greenman and the Oak King.  I also have a high interest in crystal medicine and shamanism. I am very glad to be here!  Blessed Be!


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Howdy hey, and welcome to the site. Probably the neatest thing about this site is that there's such variety...of ages, of backgrounds, of spiritual paths, of years of practice, and so on. Feel free to jump in, ask questions, and see what there is to see. :)

Hay hon. See you made it here. Hope you find something of interest.


Blessings and  Welcome,

May the journey you have embarked on, bring you many moments, that you will turn into memories, that you will cherish......Blessed be  MJ )O(

Greetings and Salutations Holly. Welcome to Real Pagan You will find this all kinda of things to read and grand folks to meet. so jump right in the water fine.
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to Real Pagan! There is a wealth of information here on many a different path. If you ever need anything (including suggestions) just let me or any other mod know ;).
**waves hello** :)

Thanks for all of the wonderful warm welcomes from everyone!  I've been learning so much from all of you and even more so from my husband(Chris on here) who seems to soak it in easier than I do. 

Ron-Do I need to send you an apple crisp of your own? :) You seem to be in somewhat of a trance at the mention of it!

Nah,its just i havent had one in years Holly,lol.


Welcome to RealPagan, Holly!

Welcome! I'm fairly new myself (have been studying for a bit over a year now). Isn't it amazing, all the new things that come to you when you open yourself up to receive it?


Wishing you the best in your seeking~



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