I have a few questions.. Anyone familiar with it?

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... ask away in forum style and discussional questioning, and answers may appear as members note their asking... :P

More theoretical knowledge, but maybe I can help.
Thanks, well i used a knot magic spell to kind of strengthen another spell. So it says 9 knots and you untie one per-night but if i want it to be even more effective wouldnt i start to untie it 9 days before the next full moon so that the last knot is undone on the night of the full moon? I know this may not be the standard but i like to do things a little differently..or can i just start un-doing the knots now to make the spell wirk faster. I'd rather it be stronger than faster to be honest.
Hope that wasn't too confusing.
That really depends on your personal view. Includin moon magic in this spell needs to be a decision you make. That being said, remember the moon has different phases and each can be utilized waxing moon is typically associated with increase and waning with decrease. The different concepts can be worked accordingly. But again, only if it's important to you. I dont personally use moon magic so don't feel like it's necessary.
Ok and the full moon would be increasing as well then?
As I understand it the full moon will wirk for any magic and amplify the power quite potently.
Jonathan, you're amazing! Thank you kindly!

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