Hi everyone!

For the most part I am pretty busy so catching everyone in chat is rather difficult for me. So I was hoping maybe it was okay to start a Discussion on the forum to talk to people in. I really want to participate I'm just pulled away by the kids, pets, or my partner every 10 minutes. Farm life :)

Sutra you mentioned a homeschooling guide or something or nother on the up coming site? :D I am very intrigued, and interested! It might be about a year or two before I start with my kids, but I could warm up over summers with them! 

To everyone I haven't met, I just wanted to say hello and I can't wait to meet everyone! 

Wonderful day, Blessed be!

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Welcome! :) Looking forward to seeing you at the new site! I too am interested in homeschool but not sure if it will ever happen. I live in a small farm town in Illinois. No gas station, corn field in the middle of town etc. I too am 26, was raised by a pagan father but been practicing on my own for at a long while probably 10 or 11 years or so. I have a few groups here, Spice Goddess and Witchy wives club. Looking forward to seeing you around.


Greetings and welcome, I hope you find what it is you seek here (and on the new site soon)

I homeschooled my kids for a while, (in the U.K.) it has it's fors and againsts in my experience in about equal measure...  certainly something to consider when looking at the options...  for many reasons...  also something to challenge you on many levels, too, that's for sure, but my thoughts and feelings about it were if I didn't try, how would I know if it was the right thing to do, or not?  Only you will know that because only you will know how your child responds...  All we can ever do is our bests, be that teach them ourselves, or put our trust in the provision we have access to... all I would say is do your research and preparation carefully and be prepared to be flexible...  everything changes, and we have to go with the flow...   I wish you and your family all the best xx

Good morning! Thank you for the replies!

Ms. Witch I also live in the middle of no where, in NC though surrounded by tobacco fields :)

I will definitely  have to check out your groups! Thank you very much!

MoonCrone Thank you for the welcome! I am certain homeschooling is challenging! I could see my kids royally testing me. I think that when they get older and have mastered reading I will be more inclined to start homeschooling, I am ready to practice with them over the summers though.

Blessings to all!

Sounds wonderful! That seems like a good illness to have! :)

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