Well, I'm a new guy here so i guess I should be polite and introduce myself.

So, Hi, the name's James. No, just James, always found the idea of a "magical name" silly so I'm just me. I once called myself a Celtic Reconstructionist but these days I'm just happy being a bit more laid back and am now calling myself a Celtic Shaman.

I'll admit as I don't fit in with many pagans anymore but hey, I've been an odd duck all my life so that hasn't happened to me yet. Why start now.

I don't believe in magic, I Revere and Honor my Ancestors, the Spirits of the Land and, My Gods. That pretty much sums it up and covers a lot of ground.

I am a wannabe writer, artist, fairly good cook and all around grumpy, opinionated optimist. And no, I'd don't bite.... Yes, have had my shots just to be on the safe side heehee.

If you'd like to know anything or say Hi feel free.

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It's been my experience odd ducks are the norm among elder pagans.
Welcome James

Yeh, I agree with Tom. Welcome James.

Hi James P
Hope life has been treating you kindly!

~raises his hand~

Yeah, odd duck here too; don't believe in magic either but I do believe in slight-of-hand (little humor). I do, however, believe in energy work. I suppose some might call that magic.


Thanks for the warm welcome y'all. Got kinda busy here with the storm and all so, as soon as things calm down a bit I'll hopefully have enough working brain cells to post a bit more.

Hope you don't have too much damage from the storm  ;(

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